A Great Return on Investment

Welcome to a 21st-century professional university, where innovation is the focus of everything we do. For more than 125 years, Philadelphia University has provided students with the skills to become leaders in their professions.

Through a distinctive curriculum that is active, collaborative, connected to the real world and grounded in the liberal arts, students are engaged at every level of the academic experience.

Here are just a few reasons why Philadelphia University is a great return on investment:

  • Graduates earn among the top starting salaries in the country. Starting salaries for Philadelphia University graduates are in the top 13 percent of all graduates in the U.S.*
  • The job placement rate for the most recent graduating class reached a record 96%. 
  • 96 percent of all undergraduate students receive institutional aid, making Philadelphia University a great choice for a high-quality academic experience.

Philadelphia University students are setting trends and shaping the future of their respective industries and disciplines. Our talented faculty, students and alumni are recognized nationally and internationally with prestigious professional and academic awards for innovative ideas, forward-thinking designs and groundbreaking solutions.

Faculty and students are continually advancing applied research to serve the needs of society through innovative studies and projects. Their research findings are published in a wide body of peer-reviewed scientific and medical journals.

Our graduates are sought after by leading national and international design firms, businesses, research facilities, medical centers and non-profit organizations.

Philadelphia University is developing the model for professional education that gives graduates the competencies in their professions, as well as lifelong learning skills in communications, problem solving and critical reasoning. Our students have the breadth of liberal education to be problem solvers and the professional focus to lead in their chosen fields.

Invigorated by an ambitious Strategic Plan, Philadelphia University has adopted these bold initiatives that will only increase the value of a Philadelphia University degree:

Experience all that a Philadelphia University education can do for you.

*Source: PayScale 2008 and 2009 data