Active Learning Space Initiative

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Implementing Nexus Learning Hubs Across Our Campus
Jefferson University East Falls Campus faculty members use multiple, effective methodologies that embody the four pillars of Nexus Learning (See About Us for more). Within this past year, Jefferson University East Falls Campus has implemented four Nexus Learning Hubs (Hayward 111 and 211, Downs Hall 2, Tuttleman Center 209) - novel learning spaces that are thoughtfully designed to act as the catalyst for pedagogical training, nurturing, and experimentation.  These spaces represent innovative rethinking of the classroom space that allows the learning facilitator to be less encumbered by the physical constraints of space, furniture and technology. These spaces ultimately enhance student learning and creative teaching.  For example, the Nexus Learning Hubs allow for seamless transitions to different modes of active and engaged learning. The hubs also optimize collaborative involvement for all students through movable furniture and appropriate technologies that fosters co-creation and sharing of ideas.

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The Evidence Supporting These Active Learning Spaces
Through surveying over 500 students in the 2014-15 academic year, our students self-reported significant gains in class participation, ability to focus, instructor feedback opportunities, learning through multiple means, physical movement, stimulation, and comfort level in Nexus Learning Hubs compared to traditional classrooms on campus.  In addition, through observations and faculty discussions, these learning spaces were perceived and valued as environments where space and technology enhanced the learning experience for our students.

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Nexus Learning Hub Resources:

Learning how to Use the Mersive Solstice System (in Hay111, D2, TUT209, Fashion/Futures Center, A&D Center, and Library Instructional Space)

Projecting an Image on All Monitors and Annotating using the Epson BrightLink Interactive Projector (Hay 111, D2, and Tut209 only)

How to Fix a Monitor that is OFF or has “NO SIGNAL” Message (D2, TUT209, and library Instructional space only)

Epson BrightLink EASY INTERACTIVE TOOLS Program - Your Key to Annotating Successfully (Hay111, D2, and TUT209 only)

“No Signal” on the MediaScape Monitor (Hay111 only)


General Operating Procedures for Nexus Learning Hubs Using Epson BrightLink Interactive Projectors (D2, Hay111, Hay211, TUT209)

Nexus Learning Hubs - Furniture and Space Considerations (any Nexus Learning Hub)


Bucks County Training Videos:

What Faculty Are Saying

Good light, fresh colors, flexible seating – these create a relaxed atmosphere which I believe helps students learn

What I noticed was not the ability to get students going but the way that getting them into comfortable working conditions helped them sustain the engagement over the course of the class period

I’ve always been an experimentalist in the classroom but this room is truly the laboratory that fosters and facilitates that sense of pedagogical exploration.

What Students Are Saying

With the ‘new’ classroom layout, I feel more comfortable and relaxed. It feels that I am in an environment where I actually want to attend.

I am much more inclined to go to class in the new layout because it is stimulating and engaging and provides a social learning atmosphere