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Award Winners

The Dr. Diane A. Pfaltzgraff Capstone Seminar Award

Each semester, the Contemporary Perspectives instructors review their students’ seminar projects to select nominees for the Dr. Diane A. Pfaltzgraff Capstone Seminar Award, which recognizes outstanding liberal-professional scholarship. At the end of the semester, a panel of Philadelphia University faculty members review the nominated papers to select the winners of the first place, second place , and third place awards.

The winning authors will receive a cash award, and the winning projects will be posted on the College Studies web site as a showcase for our students’ accomplishments and as a resource for future Contemporary Perspectives students. 

Spring 2014 Winners

Nathan Ellenberger: 1st Place
Human Capital Flight in the Globalized Market

Sara Angert: 2nd Place
Branding LGBT Rights in South Africa

Fall 2013 Winners

Catalina Gomez: 1st Place
Poorism as a Global Trend in the Field of Marketing 

Rachel Heister: 2nd Place
The Growing Organic Movement Due to GMOs and Agrochemicals

Spring 2013 Winners

Daniel Arroyo: 1st Place
Increased Awareness About Gay Rights 

Elizabeth Jones: 2nd Place
The Environmental and Socioeconomic Effects of Overfishing Due to the Globalization of the Seafood Industry 

Audrey Kender: 3rd Place
Water Conservation as a Response to the Global Water Crisis 


Fall 2012 Winners

Gerard McGarity: 1st Place
LGBT human rights: how social media and Israel are making global impacts

Megan Freeman: 2nd Place
Addressing violence against transgendered individuals 

Nicole Marcano: 3rd Place
Mental health counseling for sex trafficking victims

Spring 2012 Winners

Sarah Schaub: 1st Place
Interior design responses to climate change

Trisha Castor: 2nd Place
The impact of the global animal rights movement on fashion design

Chris Adams: 3rd Place
The global integration of mobile technology in education


Fall 2011 Winners

Lauren Quast: 1st Place
Antibiotic contamination of world waterways

Danielle Plante: 2nd Place
The textile industry responds to the global malaria epidemic

Eric Torrens: 3rd Place
Robotics and automated construction

Spring 2011 Winners 

Nancy Helmy: 1st Place
Economic and political factors in the struggle to prevent and treat malaria

Laura Burger: 2nd Place
Vaccination and the economic burden of meningitis in sub-Saharan Africa

Alexandrea Jared: 3rd Place
Globalization and the increase in organ trafficking

Fall 2010 Winners

Grace Candido
Women's rights and gender equality in the animation industry

Laura Farnen
The evolution of graffiti and its impact on international design practices

Scott Granato
Alternative fuel development in the chemical and automotive industries