Important FAQ's and Policies

Dining Services Policies 

  1. ID Cards must be presented for all meal plan and campus dollar dining transactions.  We can not accept just your ID number.
  2. Meal plan privileges are non-transferable. Both parties involved may be subject to   disciplinary action.  
  3. Shirts and Shoes must be worn in all dining locations for safety and health policy.
  4. Please be respectful of your surroundings. All dirty items must be disposed of or taken to the dishroom following your meal. 
  5. If using a reusable to-go cup, please ensure it has been cleaned prior to use.

 Ravenhill Dining Policies 

  1. Your valid I.D., or payment of the meal rate, will provide access to the dining room at Ravenhill.
  2. All trays, silverware, glassware, and paper should be taken to the dish room or appropriate area.
  3. Ravenhill Diners may choose to eat in or take out. If eating in, all food must be consumed on premises. If taking out, guests will have the choice of two options. One- guests may purchase using credit card, bonus dollars or cash a non disposable eco friendly to-go container which is good for duration of attendance at university. Two-guests may purchase a disposable take out container and cup. Please see flyer "Keeping it Green" for available items for purchase.
  4. To - Go customers must go directly to the serving area. Once they have filled their container, they must leave the dining hall.
  5. While personal beverage mugs/cups are permitted for coffee or water fill, jucies, sodas and milk are not permitted for take-out.
  6. While backpacks and other book bags are allowed in the dining rooms, Dining Services reserves the right to inspect them when you leave the building.
  7. Ample food is available to each student but care should be taken not to waste food.
  8. For the safety of everyone, please do not throw food or other objects in the dining rooms.
  9. Your language, tone, and volume contribute to a pleasant dining atmosphere.

*Appropriate conduct, courteous behavior and respect for the rights and property of others are always important when in the dining rooms.*

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 Dining Services FAQ's 

The Dining Services Department has numerous employment opportunities in all areas of our services. The Student Employment Program offers a great way to meet other students and to earn spending money. Stop by the Dining Services Office to learn more about employment opportunities.

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Dining Services cares about your comments and suggestions!. Please feel free to complete the suggestion cards available in the dining areas, speak to a manager or email your comments on the link below. We strive to provide prompt and accurate responses to your comments, and we need your feedback!

(to email comments and suggestions, click here.)

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China, silver, glassware, salt and pepper, food trays, and all other reusable dining service utensils and equipment have been purchased for use in the dining areas. They should not be removed for your personal use. Removal of such items only increases your board costs, as replacements must be paid for from your board payments. Theft of such items is in violation of University regulations and may result in judicial action.

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Although we make every effort to ensure meal lines move rapidly, if a large group enters the dining hall at one time, we ask that you be patient and assist by having your meal card ready and making your choice of foods quickly. Please don't cut into lines. Whenever possible, please adjust your schedule to arrive during off-peak hours.

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We strive to be conscious of all allergen and dietary needs.  If you have a dietary or allergen restriction, we ask you contact a Dining Services Manager when you arrive on campus. As we are a from scratch kitchen we know and can share specifically what went to into our food and what we may do to alter a recipe to meet your needs.  

Dietary requirements for religious reasons are given all possible consideration. Facilities, cost, and time guide the specific arrangements which will be made.

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For approved occasions when groups of students will be away from campus during meal periods, or for students with recognized class schedule conflicts, Ravenhill Dining Hall will provide bag lunches if notified in advance.

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The Meal Plan options at Philadelphia University are:

19 Meal Plan Standard and Premium* 

The 19 meal plan provides the most flexibility and are clearly the "best value." They include all 19 meals served during the week (breakfast, lunch and dinner on weekdays; brunch and dinner on weekends), plus $100(standard) or $200 (premium)  on your Philadelphia University Student Campus Card account and seven guest meal passes per semester. The meal plan runs seven days a week and may be used at Ravenhill Dining Hall or for its cash equivalency in any dining location.

14 Meal Plan Standard and Premium*

The 14 meal plan includes any 14 meals served seven days a week plus$75 (standard) or $150 (premium) on your Philadelphia Universtiy Student Campus Card account and 4 guest meal passes per semester.This plan may be used at Ravenhill Dining Hall or for its cash equivalency in any dining location.

Guest passes are for use only at Ravenhill Dining Hall.

10 Meal Plan Standard and Premium*

Includes any 10 meals served seven days a week and $50 (standard) or $100 (premium) on your Philadelphia University Student Campus Card account per semester. This plan may be used at Ravenhill Dining Hall or for its cash equivalency in any dining location.

5 Meal Plan Standard and Premium*

Includes any five meals served seven days a week and $25 (standard) or $50 (premium)  on your Philadelphia Universtiy Student Campus Card account per semester. This plan may be used at Ravenhill Dining Hall or for its cash equivalency in any dining location.

*Premium meal plans also allow students the flexibility to use up to 4 meals a day in any given meal period. Limited to the number of meals per week based on plan purchased. 

Bonus Dollars may only be used at Philadelphia University Dining Facilities, including Ted's Café and Barista, The Tuttleman Café, Ravenhill Dining Hall, Falls Center, and The Common Thread food court. Bonus Dollars will roll over from Fall to Spring semester only.

Meal Plan Equivalencies: In the event that a student does not wish to use his or her meal plan at Ravenhill Dining Hall, our all you care to eat dining facility, he or she may use their meal plan at any Philadelphia University Dining venue. The dollar amounts for equivalencies are as follows:



Lunch $7.25
Dinner $7.70

Ravenhill Dining Hall and The Common Thread food court have continuous dining. In addition, meal plans are accepted at Ted's Café and Barista until midnight seven days a week, excluding holidays and breaks.

New students living in Partridge, Fortess, Mott, Ronson or Scholler Halls are required to purchase the 19 meal plan.

Returning students living in those residence halls may purchase either the 19 or 14 meal plans.

Townhouse, Alden Park, Independence Plaza, and non-resident students are welcome to select any option.

Meal Plan participants on a standard meal plan may eat one meal per meal period, those on premium plans have the option of 4 meals per day in any given period. (Meal periods:  breakfast 7:15 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.,  lunch 11:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., and dinner 4:30 p.m. to 12:00 am).

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Philadelphia University uses a photo identification system. Your ID card, with a current validation sticker, provides you with the following services:

  1. Admission to Ravenhill with meal plan swipe or cash equivalency at The Tuttleman Café,  The Common Thread and Ted's in the Kanbar Campus Center.
  2. Additional money can be deposited in your Campus Card account to be used anywhere where the Campus Card is accepted.
  3. Click here to deposit additional Campus Card funds!

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Breakfast $4.70
Lunch $7.25
Dinner $7.70

Cash Equivalency on any meal plan may be used at Common Thread and Ted’s Café and Barista, and The Tuttleman Café. Bonus dollars can be used at any location, Ravenhill, Tuttleman, Common Thread, Ted’s C-store and Ted’s Barista.

Cash Equivalencies may only be used during Common Thread, Tuttleman Café and Ted's Café and Barista operating hours. Cash Equivalency cannot be used for convenience store items.

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