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To All Students Who Plan To Enroll In French, German, Italian, Japanese, Or Spanish.

How will students know which level of foreign language is appropiate?

-  No previous study of a foreign language: Level I course

- Two (2) years of study or less: Level I course

- Three (3) years of study: Level II course

- Four (4) years of study - Level III course

Students with questions about which language level to register for the Spring 2005 should contact Prof. Peale,  Coordinator of the LACC at (215)-951-6813.

Fall Events:


The Language Department held their Fourth International Games Festival on November 8th, which was a great success: Students enjoyed playing French, Italian, Spanish and German games with their language professors and the Japanese art of origami was a big hit. Particularly memorable was Professor Maria Peale leading the students in a foot-tapping salsa version of musical chairs. Here is a selection of photographic highlights.

Students playing Gluckshaus.”Gluckshaus” in German means “House of Fortune” and is a gambling game with dice.

Students playing Boules, which is a traditional French game that requires skill and coordination.


Students playing Dominos, which is an ancient Egyptian game and popular in South America.


Students dancing Salsa, which is a traditional Latin dance. Salsa has a pattern of six steps danced over eight beats of music.

Students learning Origami, which is the Japanese art of paper folding. "Ori" is the Japanese word for folding and "kami" is the Japanese word for paper.

Spring Events:


Each film will be shown at 8:00pm in the Kanbar Campus Center and snacks will be provided from the particular country being highlighted. The schedule is:

Tuesday,        April 17: Cinema Paradiso( Italian)                 Wednesday, April 18: Le Retour de Martin Guerre (French)          Thursday,      April 19: Goodbye Lenin (German)                  Monday,         April 23: Talk to her (Spanish)                        Tuesday,        April 24: Ran (Japanese)                                              

Scholarship Opportunities:


Each year the Lions Clubs of France offers full summer scholarships to attend one of their international cultural exchange programs. The program takes places during the month of July. The first three weeks are as a group at a designated Lions Clubs of France center and the fourth week is an optional homestay with a French family.

Past winners are:

2004 Centre International Culturel Mixte Itinerant d'   Alenšon: Kristen Dry, Katherine Kurtak, and Emily Underwood.

2003 Centre International Culturel Mixte Itinerant de Barbentanne: Catherine Bertrand-Boisvert, Frank P. Dekis, and Nya Jacobs.

2002 Centre Culturel Mixte Itinerant de Paris: Lindsay Freedman and Temperance Leister.

2002 Centre Culturel Mixte Feminin de Normandie a Forgesles-Eaux: Ellen Rice.

For more Information and an application, contact Dr. Eileen M. Angelini.


Each year the American Association of Teachers of French (AATF) sponsors an essay writing contest on an international topic. Wonderful prizes are awarded at every level in each age category. Philadelphia University students have done extremely well in this competition.

Past winners are:

2005: First Place Regional Winner (English): Jessica Gardner.

2004: First Place Regional Winner: Maryellen Favata. To see the winning essay click here: Winning Essay

2003: First Place Regional and Third Place National Winner (English): Katherine Kurtak.

2003: First Place Regional Winner (French): Frank P. Dekis.

2002: First Place National and Regional Winner: Jessica Kulp.

2001: First Place Regional Winner: Lindsey Crissman.

1999: First Place Regional Winner: Christopher W. Bombardier; and Regional Honorable Mention Winner: Goran Nusinovic.

For more Information and an application, contact Dr. Eileen M. Angelini.

Events Around Town

French Meet-up:  Free conversation at local cafe or restaurant.  Third Wednesday of each month, 8 p.m. location varies.

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Philadelphia Museum of Art .  Foreign Language Tours on Sundays. 

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