Innovation M.B.A.

Core Courses and Concentrations


Management Concepts - 1.5 credits  

This course introduces students to the theory and practice of managerial functions and decision-making models in traditional and more innovative organizations.  Students are familiarized with the importance of organizational communications, including verbal and written communications and the criticality of using multiple communication channels.  Students explore basic negotiation techniques and methods of conflict resolution.



Marketing Concepts - 1.5 credits

This course provides students with a broad understanding of the various organizational marketing functions including the development, positioning, pricing, distribution, and promotion of products, services, and business ideas. Attention is focused on understanding of the basic marketing concepts including strategic planning, marketing mix, market segmentation, branding, consumer research, and marketing research and applying the knowledge to formulate marketing strategies for business opportunities.  No prerequisites.



Managing Innovative People and Teams - 3 credits

This course addresses the skills and attitudes that support leadership in complex, innovative organizations under conditions of uncertainty and change.  Students will explore the concept of self-leadership, managing change, ethical decision-making, power and influence, motivation, facilitation of diverse teams, conflict resolution, and organizational culture. The course begins with creative exercises in leadership style self-assessment and relates these results to leadership in new, innovative organizational structures.  Prerequisite:  MBA600-Management Concepts.



Business Model Innovation - 3 credits

In this course students fully explore how an organization creates, delivers, and captures value through a customer-centric approach to business model innovation.   The impact of industry disruption through business model innovation will be explored as students analyze and evaluate existing models.  Using creative thinking and specific patterns, students will gain experience in planning and executing new models to address the complex challenges facing businesses from a variety of industries in the market place today.  Prerequisite:  MBA-601 Marketing Concepts.



Competitive Technical Intelligence - 3 credits

This course will focus on the latest technological advances for managing data and communications effectively. Students will acquire the skills and concepts necessary to use a system to handle data efficiently for large and small organizations, national or international in scope. Network technology and usage of computer networks, as well as ethical and security issues will also be addressed. The concepts of telecommunications and the costs and benefits associated with this transmission of information will be explored. Methods of instruction include hands-on/application orientation.



Accounting for Management Decisions - 3 credits

This course provides students previously exposed to financial and managerial accounting principles an opportunity to study the structure and use of accounting systems designed to aid management in controlling costs and profits. The course stresses the following: financial statement interpretation as a basis for decision making; cash flow analysis; cash budgeting; cost volume profit analysis; costing and interpretation of manufacturing systems; and the impact of international competition, responsibility accounting and the impact of inflation.



Financial Policy and Planning - 3 credits

This course focuses on the investment and financing decisions of firms. Topics include capital budgeting, cash management and cash flow analysis, capital structure, dividends and international operations. Financial policy making is considered within the context of contemporary valuation and risk management theories. Various financial planning models are analyzed in the course.



Operations from a Systems Perspective - 3 credits

This course will focus on the mathematical models and methods available for use in formulating and analyzing business decision-making problems in industry. Areas of study include: probability theory, decision analysis, game theory, forecasting techniques, project management, queuing models, allocating scarce resources using linear programming and integer-programming techniques, and deterministic and probabilistic inventory models.



Strategic Insight and Implementation - 3 credits

This course will focus on the design and implementation of a strategic plan in global industries and the importance of such a plan in dealing with the many challenges facing organizations in the years ahead. Strategic planning models and research findings will be investigated. During the semester, students will analyze strategic threats and opportunities that confront corporate-level executives as well as managers of business units. Students will work in teams on the development of a strategic plan for a local profit or nonprofit organization. The focus will be on developing effective strategies that clarify the future direction of the chosen organization and deal with the rapidly changing environment. Strategic plans will be presented in oral and written form to the organization. This is a capstone course and students will draw from the knowledge they have gained throughout the M.B.A. program. Extensive written individual and team assignments and oral presentations are included.


iMBA Concentration Options

iMBA students can choose a concentration in marketing, management, CPA/accounting, CFA/Finance, or CPA/Taxation. In addition to the core iMBA curriculum, students will take the following courses to complete their chosen concentrations:


Qualitative and Quantitative Marketing
Promotion Management

International Business Innovation Trip or
International Finance and Economics     

Career Jumpstart Internship or
New Product Development

Communications, Negotiations and the Creative Economy

International Business Innovation Trip or
International Finance and Economics                   

Career Jumpstart Internship or
New Product Development

Financial Accounting and Reporting I
Financial Accounting and Reporting II    
Audit and Attestation
Becker CPA Review 

International Business Innovation Trip or
International Finance and Economics 

Investment and Portfolio Management 
Speculative Markets 
Fixed Income Securities 
Philadelphia CFA Society/CFA Review

International Business Innovation Trip or
International Finance and Economics 

Individual Taxation
Corporate Taxation
Tax Research
Becker CPA Review

International Business Innovation Trip or
International Finance and Economics

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