Preparation for Boards

“By time you take all the exams throughout the program, you will be ready for boards. Don't get me wrong, they weren't easy. But I feel like our tests, case presentations, seminar room discussions, learning assignments, etc. definitely prepared me. Trust me, I have friends in other programs and they envied all of my assignments and tests.”
-Recent graduate

Why a study midwifery? Why make it your future?

"My first birth: The call came in at 4:15 am that a woman was at my clinical site and was 7-8 cm. I rushed across town praying hard to my guardian angels that all would go well and I would make it prior to her delivery. We doppler monitored throughout the labor (in the rocking chair). She picked the bed to birth and delivered at 6:52 am a 6lb 10oz little girl. I have a new appreciation for how many places a midwife's eyes and hands must be, all at the same moment! Both parents were ecstatic (they have a 9-year-old son at home) and I felt very appreciated."
-Pamela Madden, CNM

 Kettering, OH

"My friends say I have been a midwife for many years, in many ways, I have helped birth new programs, change, and community efforts around issues affecting women and children. My life has been a spiral, seeking that place where I could most be used as an instrument for empowerment. There were times in my past when it was a more activist role. Now, I celebrate the ability to work with women, one birth, one life at a time, supporting their knowing, their claiming, their own health. There will be more activist times in the future, I am sure, but now, this is a good place to be, with women.”

"There is something magical about the first time you intentionally catch a baby. While your hands are busy remembering all the learning, and feeling for the right pace, the right touch; you marvel at the honor of being invited to be a part of this miracle of birth and you know, inside, that this is where you need to be."
-Andrea Christianson, CNM

 Nerstrand, MN

"Today I facilitated a meeting of my preceptor and the head nurse of the OB/GYN unit at our hospital. The hospital is starting the process of privileging CNM's and my preceptor is going to be the test case. It is fascinating to be in a position of starting at the beginning and watching the profession grow in my community. Being a student of The Midwifery Institute has allowed me the opportunity to make a difference and help bring midwifery care to my patients. This is very exciting."
-Rebekah Pierson, CNM Kennewick, WA

"The day I hang out the sign that reads "LINDA JOHNSTON, CNM" it will mean giving quality care to women as well as being present and supportive during one of the most memorable times in their lives. It means I will have reached a long awaited goal, my hard work and determination will have paid off. It means I can take time to thank those who have been supportive and spend time with my family and all the things I'm putting on hold. It means my daughter will tell others, "my mommy helps mommies have babies". It means I will hold new life in my hands and watch a mother, father and family be born. It means I will be able to thank women for all they've done for me by supporting them in whatever way they need."
-Linda Johnston, CNM Grand Isle, VT