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Mass E-Mail to University Community

The following guidelines should be followed in using the mass distribution function of the Philadelphia University E-Mail system. The user should use his/her best judgment and following these guidelines will help ensure that the E-mail system and Network can be used effectively and to their capacity.

The message must be in regard to University business

Think of mass distribution e-mail as an extension of the University's existing system of distributing printed memos. Some items that mass distribution e-mail should not be used for are:

Personal messages

Items for sale


Chain Letters

Pyramid Schemes or Make Money Fast Schemes


Unsolicited Commercial E-Mail

Information of interest to only a small segment of the University Community.

This list should not be construed as all-inclusive, and may be modified at any time. If you are unsure as to the appropriateness of an E-Mail Message, please contact OIT at 215-951-2645 or OIT@PhilaU.edu

The information conveyed should contain significant news value

Announcements of regularly scheduled meetings and activities do not generally warrant University-wide distribution via e-mail. News that impacts a large number of people and will have significant impact on the University community may be appropriate for mass distribution.

Target your audience

Refine your distribution list so your message is delivered only to those for whom it's relevant. Avoid automatically sending to everyone on the University network.

Student accounts are limited to fifty (50) addresses for a single message. Circumventing this limitation will be considered a violation of the University E-Mail Policy.

Faculty and Staff accounts do not currently have any limitation, but all messages should be targeted to the smallest possible audience.

To create a distribution list (Outlook)

Open the address book and Select "new" and follow the instructions for personal distribution list. Note you can select members from the Global Address List (everyone) the Philau recipient list (faculty/staff), or the Student recipient list. Choose from the appropriate list to make things easier and less error prone. For more detailed help, click on "help" and search for "distribution list." Create customized mailing lists for groups you communicate with frequently.


The Office of Information Resources will enforce this policy to the best of their abilities. In accordance with established University practices, policies and procedures, violation of this policy may result in disciplinary review, expulsion from the University, suspension or revocation of network account, termination of employment, legal action, or other disciplinary action as deemed appropriate. In addition, any use of the University E-mail system for obscene or harassing activities will warrant the loss of e-mail privileges. Students who engage in such activity may also face sanctions under the Student Code of Conduct.

Please refer to the Conditions and Use Policy published by the Office of Information Resources regarding appropriate use of Information Technology resources. This information is available from the Office of Information Resources or at their web site at http://www.PhilaU.edu/OIT under "Important Policies".

The Office of Information Resources reserves the right to modify this policy as is necessary to safeguard the Network and other users.



For further assistance, please contact the Technology Help Desk at 215-951-4648 or by Email at HelpDesk@PhilaU.edu