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iTunesU for Faculty and Staff


iTunesU is a safe and secure way to upload documents for class. It is also a way to make sure content, specifically media, is secure and cannot be viewed by the public outside of Philadelphia University. This allows users to have more freedom with their content for class. They can post lectures, presentations, notes, PDF's, in full form without having to worry about copyright or other people stealing content.


How to Access iTunesU

To access iTunesU please follow the instructions below.

1. Open any Internet browser and go to the URL "http://itunes.philau.edu".
2. Click on the red link that says "Click here to launch iTunes U".
2. At the login screen, type the same Username/Password combination as Webmail, WebAdvisor and the campus computers.
3. iTunes will open, and the "Philadelphia University on iTunes U" home page will appear in iTunes. Users may close any remaining web browser windows at this time.


How to Request an iTunesU Course

Please contact the Technology Help Desk to request an iTunesU course creation. Please include the following information when making the request.

- Course Title.
- The department the course is taught under (Example: Industrial Design).
- If further instruction on how to use iTunesU is required.


How to Upload Content to iTunesU

Below are instructions on how to upload content to iTunesU. This assumes the user has already have a course set up. If not, please request a course by contacting the Technology Help Desk.

1. Follow the instructions above to open iTunesU on your computer.

2. Click on the appropriate section title under "Courses @ PhilaU."
3. On the following page in iTunes, click on the appropriate course section title.
4. Locate the "Upload and Manage Files" button on the top right-hand side. Click this button.
5. A web browser window will open with instructions on modifying the course site content.
The directions are also listed here:
To upload a file:
a. Click "Add New file"
b. Click "Browse"
c. Locate the file(s) and click each for selection.
d. Click "Upload"
To delete files or move files to another group:
a. Select the appropriate files by clicking in the adjacent check-boxes.
b. Choose the desired action from the "Choose Action" pop-up menu.
6. When finished, click the "Done" button. The web browser window will close.
7. The content will now appear on the iTunes University course site.


Download Content from iTunesU

To download any content from iTunesU please hit the "Get" button next to any of the items in the PhilaU iTunesU site. They will then be available in iTunes under the "iTunesU" tab on the left of the iTunes window.


Upload Content to iPhone, iPod, or iPad

To upload content from iTunesU to your Apple mobile device please follow the instructions below.

1. Plug in your Apple device to the computer.

2. When the device appears in the left column of iTunes please click on it once. A new window will show up on the right.

3. Across the top there are various categories, click on the one that says "iTunesU".

4. Select below what content the user would like to place on the Apple device.

5. Press "Apply" on the bottom right of iTunes to send those files to your Apple device.



For further assistance, please contact the Technology Help Desk at 215-951-4648 or by Email at HelpDesk@PhilaU.edu