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Philadelphia University provides Faculty and Staff with online storage that is available for affiliates to save content to. It is accessable from any network computer on campus as well as through VPN at home. (Click here for information on how to set up VPN) Please click on the appropriate storage you would like to set up on your Apple computer.

Please click on the appropriate Storage Service you would like to set up on your computer

Juno (Personal Storage or Home Directory)

Lightning (Public Storage)


Lightning Setup on Apple/Mac Computers

Lightning is a PhilaU shared academic folder server. Folders and files are stored on this server and can be accessed by fellow students, faculty and staff.


1. Log-on to the computer, making sure you are connected to the network. This can be accomplished through an Ethernet or wireless connection on-campus, or by using a VPN connection from off-campus.

2. At the Mac desktop, choose "Connect to Server" from the Go pull-down menu.

2. Choose the Lightning server, or type the server name (which can be expressed as smb://Lightning) in the address bar. Click 'Connect'.

3. Type your User Name and Password where appropriate. If necessary, express your username as follows: Student\(your user name) for students, or Philacol\(your user name) for faculty and staff.

4. If the computer prompts you to choose a volume to mount, choose the appropriate one and click OK. For example: Academic Files folders can be found in the Apps folder, so choose Apps as the folder to mount.

5. The icon should appear on your desktop. Find the folder you need and open it. You now have access to your files on Lightning.

6. To create an alias (shortcut) to a particular subfolder, hold down the Apple and Option keys and drag the icon to your desktop. If a message appears stating that it cannot find the server, make sure you are still connected to the network.

If you are, try deleting the shortcut and re-creating it, replacing smb://lightning with smb:// NOTE FOR OFF-CAMPUS ACCESS: You will need to install and run VPN to get to Lightning. If so, please choose the appropriate VPN Instructions tipsheet in the guides lists at


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