FacStaff Email Setup on Mobile Device

Please follow these steps to ensure that your android cell phone is configured properly to receive your Philadelphia University e-mail via Exchange Server. Please note that Android phones only support ONE Exchange email account. If you are setup with another exchange account these directions will not work. Please keep in mind that you must have a data plan in order to receive email.

1. Go to 'Settings' under your list of applications.

2. Select 'Accounts'

3. Select 'Add account'

4. Select 'Corporate Sync'

5. Type in "Philacol\YourUserName

6. Type in YourPassword

7. Select what you would like to sync

8. Type in your email address "YourUsername@PhilaU.edu"

9. Type in Server name "luna.philau.edu".

10. Type in an account name, this is what your phone will use to refer to your email account.

11. Make sure “Use secure connection” and “verify certificate” are checked

12. Select “Sync messages for: x days” whatever your preference.

13. Select OK


For other device instructions please email the Technology Help Desk at 215-951-4648 or by email at HelpDesk@PhilaU.edu for further instructions or support.


For more info or to schedule a visit, call 215-951-2700 or email admissions@philau.edu