Creating Tests in Blackboard

Creating Tests for use within a Blackboard 9.1 Course site can be beneficial for courses which already take paper exams, provide for self-assessment, or have standardized tests as part of their requirements.

Numerous varieties of questions can be created for inclusion in a Blackboard test.

- Calculated Formula
- Calculated Numeric
- Either/Or
- Essay
- File Response
- Fill in the Blank
- Fill in Multiple Blanks
- Hot Spot
- Jumbled Sentence
- Likert Scale / Opinion
- Matching
- Multiple Answer
- Multiple Choice
- Ordering
- Quiz Bowl
- Short Answer
- True / False

These questions can be mixed and matched. Additionally, these can be created in Question Pools, randomly selected and shown in random order.

Self-Grading Tests can be created with automatically graded-questions, such as Matching, True/False and Multiple Choice. These are beneficial because, with proper setup, no grading actions are needed on the part of the Instructor.

The creation process of a Test in Blackboard 9.1 is a simple one, once you have determined the structure of how your course materials will be organized. Simply access your pre-determined location where your assignment will be placed (ex: Content area, Week 1 folder, Tests subfolder) and choose Assessments -> Test.

For a detailed discussion and explanation of all the features of Test creation, please Click Here.


If you find one or more automatically-graded test question responses need to be changed after the grades have already been calculated, it's no problem! Blackboard tests will re-calculate the grades based on the corrected answer sheet automatically. Click Here to find out more.