Grade Center

Grade Center is the electronic grade book for Blackboard Course sites.

But it is more than that. Grade Center is the centralized store of Assignment and Test submissions. It can be used to track student achievement, simply with the use of easy color-coding options. It can be employed to create statistical reports which can help faculty discern their students' strengths and weaknesses. Most importantly, it can help instructors and students alike check their grades and track their progress throughout the course.

Click Here for a document that will help you get acquainted with Blackboard Grade Center.



When a Blackboard Course is in full swing, Grade Center can be a bit overwhelming sometimes. Fortunately, Blackboard has addressed this in their Needs Grading feature. Since you don't need to see old columns with graded assignments from months ago, this new view allows you to filter out just those attempts that require your attention, and avoid repeated browsing between submitted attempts and the overall Grade Center grid.

For an explanation of the Needs Grading view, click here.