Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is a web conferencing solution that enables a variety of uses, ranging from web meetings to eLearning to webinars. With Adobe Connect, you can captivate your audience with engaging, and interactive experiences and make them available to virtually anyone, anywhere, on almost any device, with just a click of a button. Adobe Connect is based on Adobe Flash® technology and Adobe Flash Player software is already installed on virtually all Internet-connected computers. So, Adobe Connect allows invitees to easily attend your meetings without the need for additional downloads.

Requirements to use Adobe Connect

Today, there is a growing need to collaborate with customers, partners, and colleagues in multiple locations, across different hardware platforms and operating systems, on networks with varying bandwidth capacities, in real time and asynchronously. Adobe Connect makes all this possible using the most basic of equipment.

- An Adobe Connect license (Note: If you will be creating Adobe Connect Meeting Rooms you will need an Adobe Connect License, otherwise no license is needed if just entering the room as an audience member)

- A MAC or PC connected via a wired Internet connection

- A mobile device connected via the Internet with the Adobe Connect Mobile application Installed

- A Logitech USB Headset

- A Logitec webcam or system with built-in camera (Optional)


What is Adobe Connect Mobile?

Adobe® Connect™ Mobile is an application that allows you to host, attend, present, and completely drive collaboration in online meetings or training - anywhere, anytime, and with virtually any mobile device (iOS, Android, and BlackBerry PlayBook). You can join multiuser videoconferences with your device's camera; share presentations, documents, and multimedia content with other attendees; and collaborate using text chat and polls.

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 Connect Pro Mobile Quick Start Guide


Adobe Connect Resources

Below are various Start Guides for using Adobe Connect. These will help walk you through all the basics and help you create a dynamic presentation that fits your teaching style.

Visual Quick Start Guide for Hosts and Presenters

Visual Quick Start Guide for Participants

 Best Practices for Virtual Classrooms

How to Obtain an Adobe Connect License and Training

The Office of Technology’s Virtual Center for Instructional Technology provides training in a number of delivery methods, just select the one that works best for you.

Click Here to request an Adobe Connect License

Click Here to request OIR Staff-led training for Adobe Connect

Click Here to sign up for an Adobe-led live or on-demand event to learn more about Adobe Connect

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Creating an On-Demand Adobe Connect Recording


Guest Lecturer Using Adobe Connect

Example of Adobe Connect at work at Philadelphia University

View the links below to see how faculty are using Adobe Connect on-campus.

DEC Dialogue Series 




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