Student Equipment Checkout

If a student is interested in checking out equipment please come directly to the Media Services desk located in the lower level of the Paul J. Gutman Library.

To view what items Media Services has available, please click here(please add link to Media Services excel spreadsheet). When you arrive at the Instructional Media Services Desk please inform the Media Services student of what you wish to checkout.

(Please bear in mind that students may checkout only Blue tagged items, while Faculty, and Staff may checkout Red tagged items. And please check with an OIR staff member if you need a Specialty tagged item.)  

The Instructional Media Services student will checkout the item out you for a maximum of the 72 hours (3 days). Once the item has been identified as checkout in our system, an Instructional Media Services will also create a work order confirmation that way you receive an email notification that the item is in fact checked out to you.


Location of Media Services

The Instructional Media Services Desk is located in the lower level of Gutman Library. If you wish to checkout out equipment pleas check with an Instructional Media Services student. If you need to speak to OIR staff member please inform an Instructional Media Services student.



We are always looking for the most up-to-date equipment for the University environment to utilize. And because of this we have different policies in place for different items with our Red, Blue, and Specialty tag system. If a student wishes to hold an event on campus, the student must have a Sponsor. That sponsor can be a club sponsor, a professor, or another staff member.

For information on item and event policy please contact the Media Services Desk through the Technology Help Desk


Link to Event Information

A faculty or staff sponsor must place a request for an event to the Technology Help Desk. That individual will be responsible for placing the support request and acting as the point of contact for the event.


Equipment Available to Students

All of our equipment is separated by Blue, Red and Specialty tags. These tags determine what can be checked out by whom. Our tag system is divided into three categories.

Blue tagged items can be checked out by students, while Red tagged items cannot be checkout by students but by faculty and staff only. There are also Specialty tags that can only be checked out by certain individuals. For example professors can ask Media Services to hold digital media equipment that they require their students to use for projects. The items that are held by Media Services will be given a Specialty tag color separate from Blue and Red, meaning only those individual students my check them out.


How to Use

In many of our classrooms we have PC Podiums and Computer Carts. Some of the PC Podiums and Computer Carts also have DVD players, and a cable to attach your VGA capable laptop. Which are connected to to the ceiling mounted projectors that will allow you to display your PowerPoint lectures, videos, and more to your class.

These tools will help enhance the teaching experience for both professor and student. The Both the PC Podium and Computer Cart will have a Lenovo PC and Monitor with mouse and keyboard.

When using the Lenovo computers you would log in with the username and password that you have been given. For students its last name and last four numbers on your student id card.

If you checkout equipment from Instructional Media Services and require assistance with its use or setup please contact the Technology Help Desk. You may request this help at any point in time, whether it is before, during, or after the item has been checked-out. The Instructional Media Services students are trained to help you as the user make sure you receive the best out of the device you have checkout.


For more info or to schedule a visit, call 215-951-2700 or email