Accessing Athena Off-Campus with a Personal Computer

When connecting to Lighting from your personal computer please follow the steps below.

(Note: Please first follow the instructions on how to set up VPN here and then follow the instructions below.)


Athena on a Personal Windows PC

1. After first setting up VPN on your computer connect your PC to the Internet

2. Click on the "Start" button, and then "Run".

3. Without quotes, type in the address bar "\\Athena", then click OK.

4. If asked for your username and password, type your username as follows: "Student\YourUserName"


Athena on a Personal Apple/Mac Computer

1. First set up VPN on your Mac by following the directions on this page

2. At the Mac desktop, choose "Connect to Server" from the Go pull-down menu at the top of your screen.

3. Choose the Lightning server, or type the server name (which can be expressed as "smb://Athena/home/YourUserName") in the address bar. Click 'Connect'.

4. Type your Username and Password where appropriate. If necessary, express your username as follows:"Student\YourUserName" for students.

5. If the computer prompts you to choose a volume to mount, choose the appropriate one and click OK. For example: Academic Files folders can be found in the Apps folder, so choose Apps as the folder to mount.

6. The icon should appear on your desktop. Find the folder you need and open it. You now have access to your files on your Athena drive.

7. To create an alias (shortcut) to a particular subfolder, hold down the 'Apple' and 'Option' keys and drag the icon to your desktop.

If a message appears stating that it cannot find the server, make sure you are still connected to the network. If you are, try deleting the shortcut and re-creating it, replacing "smb://Athena" with "smb://".


If you need further assistance please contact the Technology Help Desk at 215-951-4648 or by email at


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