Accessing Athena with Campus Lab Computers

When you log onto a computer on-campus you are automatically connected to your Home Directory (Athena) Below are instructions on how to access your Home Directory from a Mac and a Windows PC.


Windows PC Lab Computer

1. Click on the 'Start Button' (or Windows Circle Icon) at the bottom left of the screen.

2. Click on the option that says "My Computer" A New Window will Appear.

3. Locate your "Athena Drive" under the "Network Location" drop down.


Mac / Apple Lab Computer:

1. Click on the Blue "Finder icon" at the bottom left of your screen. A new window will appear.

2. Under the "Shared" Tab click on the option that says "Athena."

3. Double Click on the "Home" Folder.

4. Double Click on the folder that is titled with your "Username".


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