Student Online Campus Storage

Philadelphia University students are given access to two resources where they can store documents digitally. Athena/Home Directory and Lightning. These two resources are described below.

Remember to that you should always keep a Backup of all your important files for safe keeping.


Home Directory (Athena)

Students at Philadelphia University can save documents to their Athena/Home Directory. Students are allotted 1GB of storage in this folder. Any information not saved to your Athena/Home Directory on campus will be deleted permanently when you log of off the computer. Please save everything to your Athena/Home Directory before logging off. 

Access Athena from Campus Lab Computers

Access Athena On-Campus with your Personal Computer

Access Athena from Off-Campus

(Note: Requests for increases in storage space must be sent to the Technology Help Desk from your professor)


Lightning (Academic Folders):

Lightning is a shared directory on campus. It is typically used to share files for projects or submit files for class. For a more detailed description of how to access Lightning, click on the link below.

Access Lightning from Campus Lab Computers

Access Lightning On-Campus with your Personal Computer

Access Lightning from Off-Campus


For more info or to schedule a visit, call 215-951-2700 or email