Student Printing On Campus

There are various printers available on campus that you can print to from your own wireless enabled computer. This connects using the program called Pharos.

Please Click below for instructions on how to connect to Pharos with your computer.  

(Note: These instructions require you to be connected to the Wireless Network on Campus. For those instructions Click Here)

Connecting to Pharos using a Windows PC

Connecting to Pharos using a Mac/Apple Computer


Printer Quotas:

Students are allotted 500 Double-sided Sheets of Black and White paper each semester starting in August for Fall semester, in January for Spring semester, and if enrolled in Summer Classes, in May.

Other types of printing cost the following:

- $.49 for an 8.5x11 color page page

- $.99 for an 11x17 color page

- $.99 a square foot for plotting

- $.03 for a single sided black and white page (beyond your allotted quota)

- $.05 for a double sided black and white page (beyond your allotted quota)

To add funds to your CampusCard to print color to the plotter, or for additional black and white pages, please go to our CampusCard Webpage to add funds to your account.


Printer is Out of Paper/Toner:

If a printer is out of paper or toner please contact the appropriate person or department below.

Who to Contact
Library Printers
Technology Help Desk - 215-951-4648
Search Computer Labs 301, 305, 307, and the iTECH lab
Technology Help Desk - 215-951-4648
Tuttleman 213 Technology Help Desk - 215-951-4648
All other Printers and Plotters
The Departmental Assistant in the Building


Printer Troubleshooting:

If you are having trouble printing to a printer or there is an error please try rebooting the printer. This is done by switching the printer off, waiting 20 seconds, and then turning it back on again.

You can also make sure that the printer's network cable is securely plugged into the printer as well as the wall.

If this does not work please contact the Technology Help Desk


Printer Locations:

(Note: Not all Labs are open to every student on campus)

Location Printer Types Available
A&D - Cad Lab
A&D Lower Level Plotter, Black and White, Color
A&D - Pod Lab
A&D Building Plotter, Black and White, Color
A&D - Design Lab
A&D Building Black and White
A&D - Apparel Lab
A&D Building Black and White
Chem Lab
Hayward Hall 201 Black and White
Digital Animation Lab
Hayward Hall 108 Black and White
Engineering Lab
Hayward Hall 128 Black and White, Color
Graduate Weave Lab
Hayward Hall 005 Black and White, Color
Graphics Labs
Hayward 100, 104, 108, 110, 103 Black and White, Color, Plotter
Industrial Design Labs
Hayward Hall 012 Plotter, Color, Black and White
Search Hall 202 Black and White
Kanbar Lounge
Kanbar Black and White
Landscape and Architecture
Smith 109 Plotter, Black and White, Color
Language/Communications Lab
Search Hall 305 Black and White
All floors Gutman Library Black and White, Color
Math Lab
Haggard Floor 2 Black and White
Mott Hall LoungeMott Hall Lounge Black and White
Raven Hill Design
 Ravenhill Side Black and White
Search Labs
Search Hall 301 and 307 Black and White
Seed Labs
Seed 108 Plotter, Black and White
Textile Cad Lab
Search Hall Outside Door Black and White, Color
Tuttleman Printers
Tuttleman 213 Black and White


For more info or to schedule a visit, call 215-951-2700 or email