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Using NSM NetSupport

Connecting to Multiple Client Computers
The process of connecting to multiple computers at once is very similar to connecting to a specific computer.

Once you've searched for and found the desired computers, start by selecting all of their icons. You can do this by left clicking your mouse somewhere in your window and while holding down the left mouse button, drag a selection around the computers you want to connect to. If you cannot select all of them at once, the simply select as many as you can by dragging, then while holding the Ctrl (Control) and Shift buttons on your keyboard down, left click on the remaining computers.

Once all the desired computers are selected, click the 'Connect' button. In the window that appears, enter your username and password and click the OK button. You then see NetSupport begin connecting to the selected clients.

*(Make sure the "Try last username before displaying login prompt" checkbox is checked on)*


You should now see that the previously gray icons for the selected computer should now be lit up, indicating that you are connected.

Monitoring, Messaging, and Controlling Clients

If you have just connected to multiple computers at once, you can only specifically monitor one computer at a time, so double left click on one of those selected computers to access it.


You should now be looking at a window showing the screen of the selected computer. hitting the maximize button in the top right corner of the window will help you get a better view. Now click the 'Scale to Fit' button to help display the screen correctly.



You're now viewing the selected computer in 'Watch' mode. This allows you to monitor everything happening on that computer, but you have no control over that computer.

What you can do is send messages while in 'Watch' mode.


By clicking the 'Message' button on the top NetSupport menu you can send a one time message to a client that they cannot respond to.

In the message prompt that appear, you can type the desired message to send to that computer. Be sure to also fill in the "Show this message for __ (sec)" text box. This is the length of time, in seconds, that your message will be visible to the client computer.


Starting a chat session is another option you have. This will allow you to talk to a user so that they can chat back to you.

Click the 'Chat' button from the top NetSupport menu to initiate a chat session. You can then send and receive message from the selected users.

*(Not Shown: You can also invite other clients you're connected to into your chat session by clicking
the 'Invite' button and choosing the desired users)*



If you want to take full control over a connected machine, simply click the 'Control' button on the top menu. You will see this button 'warm up' at which point you will have control. The user on the client side will be unable to have any input or even move the mouse pointer. Any changes you make or programs you open will be made in real time.

To release control back to the user, just click the 'Watch' button at the top of the window and after this button 'warms up' the user will again have control and you will be in watch mode.

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