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Using Outlook Web Access

Deleting Items from your Deleted Files Folder
When you delete an item in outlook, it never is erased permanently, it is moved to your deleted items folder and you must remove it from there to remove it permanently from your outlook account. Select your Deleted Items Folder and select individual items to delete, or press the Empty Deleted Items button.

If you are receiving messages that your mailbox is over it's quota, make sure your Junk E-mail and Sent Items folder are both empty.
Changing the Options in Outlook

You can customize Outlook Web Access with features that can be performed automatically, such as telling people you're out of the office whenever they send you a message, or adjusting your appointments to local time while you are traveling. To set Outlook Web Access options, click the Options icon on the Outlook Bar. The following options will be displayed:

Out of Office Assistant This option generates automatic replies to e-mail you receive while away. Each time you activate the Out of Office Assistant, Outlook Web Access will only send an automatic reply to someone the first time they send you a message.

- To enable the Out of Office Assistant, click I'm currently out of the office, and then in the text box, type a
   message people will receive when they send you email while you're away.
- To disable the Out of Office Assistant, click I'm currently in the office.
Messaging Options Choose whether you want to be notified when you receive a new message or to edit your Signature.
Reading Pane Options Choose how you would like to display read messages
Spelling Options Choose how you would like spell check to operate, either manually or before sending every message.
Privacy and Junk E-Mail Prevention Select if you would like Outlook to manage Junk E-mail, how to deal with read receipts, and if you would like e-mail to be displayed in HTML.
Appearance Choose a color scheme for the windows in Outlook.
Date and Time Formats Use the following drop-down menus to select your preferred format for various time and date displays. Also use this section to configure Outlook Web Access for the local time zone.
Calendar Options - Use the Week begins on drop-down menu to set the day your calendar will display as the beginning of
   the week.
- Use the Day start time and Day end time drop-down menus to set the times Outlook Web Access will
   display for each business day.
- Use the First week of year drop-down to choose your week numbering preference.
Reminder Options Allows you to set your preferences for pop-up reminders.
Contact Options - Select Global Address List to use your organization's address book as the first place to search, such as
   when you are looking for names in the Find Names dialog box.
- Select Contacts to use your personal contacts.
Password Click this if you want to change your Outlook password.
Recover Deleted Items Allows you to view and recover items that were recently emptied from your Deleted Items folder.

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