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Windows OneCare Live Beta

Installation & Use
This is a new program being developed by Microsoft that is currently being tested in a Beta stage, meaning it's not finished enough to sell, but it still works. The final program will be on a subscription service, but this is free for download and to try for 90 days.

In order to reach the download website of the program, you must first run a Windows Live Safety Scan and either let it run or just click cancel to bypass. After the results screen, it will display a window like below, do not click Done, but rather the link to Download the free beta under the Windows OneCare Live.


Since it is a program still being tested, Microsoft asks that users supply their e-mail addresses before downloading.
Click on Sign Up to apply.


Enter in your e-mail address.

Click Next on the following screen.


Click Start Now to begin the setup.


Allow the program to scan your computer to see if you meet the requirements to be able to run the program.


After completion, click Continue.


You must accept the Terms of Service agreement and click Confirm to continue.


The program downloads and installs itself automatically, click Install to begin this process.


Wait for the program to complete.


After it is finished, you must Restart for the program to become active.


When Windows starts, the program will load in the background.


The program is running when you see the icon below in your system tray. Green means that the program is running and your computer is in good status. If the icon is Yellow or Red it is asking you to click it because of a problem.


The program runs in the background and updates automatically, which requires little or no user involvement, however you can manually do a Virus Scan, a Performance Tune-Up, or Backup/Restore files by double-clicking on the system tray icon and clicking on the corresponding buttons.

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