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Enabling the Windows XP Firewall

Enabling Firewall


The first step in checking your firewall status is accessing the Start menu from your desktop, and then choosing the Control Panel.


Once the Control Panel opens, on the left hand side, click the option to "Switch to Classic View."


Once in classic view, you will see all the different Control Panel options. The options available may look slightly different from computer to computer depending on what type of system or updates you are currently running. Regardless of this, all XP users should have a "Network Connections" icon. Double click on this icon.


You should now see your network connections. This screen again may look slightly different for each user. If you do not own a laptop or have an older laptop, you may not see a Wireless Network connection. This is nothing to worry about. Some computers may not come standard with FireWire ports, and therefore you may not have a 1394 Connection. Again, this is nothing to worry about. Adding a firewall to all your LAN or High-Speed Internet connections is always a good idea. We would recommend that you apply this process to all connections you have present. The process for each will be exactly the same. Lets start by enabling the firewall on your Local Area Connection, the most important connection which should always be Firewalled.


Start by right clicking on the connection of your choice, in this case your Local Area Connection. On the menu that appears, choose "Properties."


The properties menu should then appear for the connection you choose. Next click on the Advanced tab along the top of the menu.


On the Advanced tab, you will see the setting controls for your Windows Firewall. Make sure that the Internet Connection Firewall setting is checked. The setting for Internet Connection Sharing should NOT be checked. If you are running a system that has Service Pack 2 on it, this window will look slightly different. Make sure that the firewall is set to "On" and then hit ok just as described. Then hit "Ok" on the connection properties menu. Once these two settings are corrected, hit the "OK" button.


This should return you to the Network Connections menu and now you should see that your connection is now labeled as Firewalled. This process can be repeated on all your LAN or High-Speed Connections and is highly recommended. Once finished you can close the Network Connections window.

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