WebAdvisor for Students

Instructions on common WebAdvisor functions

For Current Students of Philadelphia University


·          a personal computer connected to the Internet (through your internet service provider)

·          a web browser, such as Internet Explorer (Windows) or Safari (Macintosh)

·          a Philadelphia University network account and password



This document will assist you in accessing and using your Philadelphia University WebAdvisor account from any location on the internet. With this document you will be able to:


·          Log in – see page 2

·          Reset your Password – see page 2

·          Register for Classes – see page 3

·          Check your Schedule – see page 6

·          Check your Grades – see page 7

·          Drop a class – see page 7


If you have further questions about WebAdvisor, please visit the Technology Help Desk on the 2nd floor of Search Hall, send email to HelpDesk@PhilaU.edu or call 215-951-4648.


Logging into WebAdvisor:

1.      To access WebAdvisor, browse to http://www.philau.edu and click the  link in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Or, directly access WebAdvisor at http://philau.edu/webadvisor.


2.      You must have a Philadelphia University network account in order to log on and use WebAdvisor. This is the same account name as is assigned for Outlook Web Access (E-mail.)


·      Student User names are typically a student’s last name, followed by a 1-5 digit number.

      If you are unsure of your Username and Password, click on the  button.


In the New Users Menu, click on each Red title.


Get your PhilaU ID. This is your username. Have your Social Security or ID card number ready.

Setup your Password. This link is available to set or reset your Webadvisor/E-mail password.

Log In. Click on this link to type your username and password to access WebAdvisor.


3.      From this point on, you can login from the  button on the home page of WebAdvisor.


Resetting your WebAdvisor password:

1.      Should the situation require it, you may need to change your password from time to time. This can easily be done by clicking the  link at the Log In screen. Once all screens are followed, your password will change and you will have the option to return to WebAdvisor.








The password reset screen is also found at http://www.philau.edu/oit in the Orange Box.

The link is labeled Faculty, Staff & Student Password Reset >>.


Current Student WebAdvisor Options:

1.      Once logged in, click on the  button. The following window will appear:


Registering for Classes:


Before you begin…


1.      Plan your schedule ahead of time!

·          Consult your check sheet and speak with your advisor to identify the courses you need to take in the upcoming term. Make sure you have alternatives in case your first choices are closed.


·          Look at the class offerings for the upcoming term. This is found in two places:

1.      In a downloadable .pdf document on the Registrar’s page for the current registration term (linked from http://www.philau.edu/registrar/)

2.      The  link, found under  at the


·          Write your planned class selections on paper in the following format:


       Subject                                Course Number                     Section Number

            A                                              100                                      123


Do the planning before you are notified of your registration time. Taking time now will ensure a smoother registration process when you receive your registration time.


2.      Verify that you are able to log in to WebAdvisor successfully.


3.      To register for a class, you must be recognized as an Active student with the Registrar.

Verify that your account status is clear by contacting the Registrar during business hours.

They can be reached by calling 215-951-2990 or by sending e-mail to Registrar@PhilaU.edu.


4.      All notifications of registration times, as well as other important information, are sent to your Philadelphia University e-mail account. Browse to http://mail.philau.edu to ensure that your account is active and able to receive e-mails.

Now that you’re ready to register…


1.      When intending to register for classes, be sure to check that the registration period has begun and that it has not already passed. Current students will receive an e-mail from the Registrar’s Office notifying them when they can register for classes.


2.      Refer back to your sheet of recorded classes. If you have not created one, be sure to check with your advisor as to what classes you will need to take in the upcoming term. Once you have done this, it may be necessary to search in WebAdvisor for available sections of the classes to take.


The class listings are found in two places:

1.      In a downloadable .pdf document on the Registrar’s page for the current registration term (linked from http://www.philau.edu/registrar/)

2.      The  link, found under  at the



3.      At the Current Student menu, click on the menu. The search function at this screen is identical to those found using the  option.


The search window appears below:




4.      To search, choose the appropriate information from the pull-down menus, such as Term, Subject and Course Number. The Term must be selected in your search.

At least three items must be selected on this screen to search for a class.


NOTE: The Subject letter is typed separately from the number in the Course Number section.

Example: S215 should be S-Science in the Subject field, and 215 in the Course Number section.


Click  when finished.

5.      Upon finding the course you want, click inside the box under the title Select Section(s). If the box is not available, the class enrollment is at capacity.


6.      Once the desired class section is found, and the box is checked, click  to register.


7.      Any class sections you select will be listed as Preferred Sections on the following page.



8.      For each class that you wish to register for, click on the appropriate box under the Action title and choose the option. Alternately, if you wish to register for all preferred sections at the same time, choose by clicking on the box at the middle of the top, entitled .


9.      Once you have selected those classes that you wish to register for, click the  button. On the following page, a copy of your class schedule will appear with your registered classes.

Checking your Class Schedule:


1.      To access your class schedule, you first need to be registered for the semester. Once you are registered, click on the link, found under  in the .


2.      Then you will be prompted to select the Term from a drop down menu, as shown below.



3.      Once you select the appropriate term from the menu, click on the  button; your class schedule will appear. This format is printable for your convenience.


4.      For further information about each course, you may simply click on each section’s Course Name and Title. See the example schedule below.












Checking your Grades:

1.      Once grades are posted, you can check your grades by clicking on the link in the .

2.      After you click the  button, the screen will appear as shown below:



3.      Click in the box under the Choose One title to select the appropriate term of your class(es).


4.      Click  to input your choice. Your grades will appear on the following screen.


Dropping a Class:


·          To drop a class, you must already be registered for the class.

·          Please note: Some classes cannot be dropped. Consult your advisor before dropping any class.

·          Be aware of the deadline for dropping classes. You cannot drop a class using WebAdvisor after week three of the term. See http://www.philau.edu/registrar/scheduli.htm for details.


1.      If all of the above conditions are met, click on the  link in the main menu.


2.      To drop a class, click on the Drop box next to a class you would like to drop. Then, click the  button. The page will refresh and show your updated registration schedule.



Logging off


Important!  When you’re finished with your WebAdvisor session, don't forget to close your connection to WebAdvisor by clicking the  button at the top-right side of the WebAdvisor webpage window. You must then close your browser window to complete the log off process.


Finding Help


WebAdvisor includes numerous useful help files. Click on the  link on the top-right side of many WebAdvisor screens for information on each WebAdvisor procedure. When working in a small browser window, it may be necessary to scroll to the right to see the button.


You can also find help about WebAdvisor, as well as many other topics, by browsing to our Technology Help Desk Self-Service site at http://helpdesk.philau.edu at any time. Your network password is required, and your password must be changed from the default password in order to access this site.


If you have any comments or questions about the features or procedures found in this document, please feel free to contact the Technology Help Desk, located on the 2nd Floor of Search Hall. You may also send email to HelpDesk@PhilaU.edu or call the Technology Help Desk at 215-951-4648 (4OIT).