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Personal Homepage Information 

Home pages that are meant primarily for internal communication or for professional or personal activities not directly associated with the University are considered personal home pages and do not require review by the Public Relations Office.

Some examples of personal home pages would include:

  • A faculty member's home page meant for communicating with students enrolled in a particular course; or a home page focused on the faculty member's personal research interests.
  • A faculty or staff member's home page focused on communication with members of his or her professional society.
  • Home pages for student organizations, such as FIA, The Text or TREE.
  • A student's personal home page for his or her own communication purposes.

Although these pages do not require review by the Public Relations Office, they must still be registered with Public Relations and the Office of Information Technology.   Personal page developers are encouraged to maintain high standards of quality and accuracy and are reminded that all copyright and obscenity laws apply to home page development.  The following procedure has been set up to assist in creating personal home pages.

If you have questions or issues please click here to find out how to contact the Technology Help Desk who will assist you with your request.  For urgent issues, the help desk can page a support specialist (during daytime hours) for same-day response.

  • Creating a Personal Home Page

The individual must be in compliance with the official University policies Information Technology policy and conditions of use for computer services as provided by the Office of Information Technology to get network account and to request posting of a personal home page.

To request a web directory in which to place your personal home page, please complete and submit the web registration form.

Public Relations reserves the right to review pages at its discretion and, if they are in violation of University computing policies or the law, remove them from the University servers.

All students' personal home pages must include the University's official disclaimer in legible form on the default web document.  If at any time this notification does not appear on the opening page of a student's personal home page, the student's entire web site will be removed from the University web server.

  • Disclaimer Text

Philadelphia University recognizes the value and potential of personal publishing on the Internet and encourages students, faculty and staff to express themselves through World Wide Web pages.

This is a personal home page and the views and opinions expressed within it and its links are strictly those of the page authors. It does not in any way constitute official Philadelphia University content.






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