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Web Directory Information 

If you are interested in creating and maintaining your own web home page, you may request a directory on our University web server by clicking here. 50 megabytes of web space is provided for University students, faculty, and staff with this request.

Accounts approaching this 50 MB limit will receive an automatic e-mail warning from the system. If you find that the available space is insufficient for your legitimate academic needs, you can have an instructor place a request with the Technology Help Desk for additional "home directory" space on your behalf.

If you have other questions or issues please click here to find out how to contact the Technology Help Desk who will assist you with your request. For urgent issues, the help desk can page a support specialist (during daytime hours) for same-day response.

Developing a Home Page

University departments, faculty members, staff, students and student organizations may also wish to develop their own pages for specialized communications purposes. All home page creators must be in compliance with the Information Technology Policy as outlined by the Office of Information Technology (OIT) and complete a Home Page Registration Form before a page will be hosted on the University's server. The University recognizes two forms of home pages. They are:

  1. Personal home pages any home page maintained by an individual student, faculty or staff member for personal or professional content.
  2. Official home pages any home page that represents the activities and programs of a recognized University department or program

For details about our web server implementation, see web tech notes.

From the Public Relations Office at the University:

Home pages provide a way of distributing information (both text and graphics) about a program, person or topic through the World Wide Web to anyone with Internet access. Because the Internet is such a powerful and increasingly pervasive communications tool, the University is committed to ensuring that information presented about Philadelphia University via the Internet is accurate, timely and an appropriate reflection of the University's mission and activities.

The Public Relations Office maintains an official University home page that provides broad-ranging information to prospective students, alumni, current students, faculty and staff, the business community and other interested viewers. The Public Relations Office is responsible for maintaining the accuracy and timeliness of the information. All changes to the University's official home page must be made through the Public Relations Office. This page can be found at www.PhilaU.edu.

For purposes of providing access to the Internet and housing home pages on the University's server, the University has established the following policies.







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