Safe Zone Participants


Safe Zone Program Participants

Students, faculty, and staff have participated in the Safe Zone Program so that they may effectively meet the needs of the LGBT community at Philadelphia University. The participants listed below are a few of the Safe Zone participants who have publicly identified themselves as allies and are available to members of the GLBT community seeking support.

Allies posting stickers may be of any gender identity or sexual orientation. No assumptions should be made by anyone displaying a sticker other than the identified person's willingness to support the GLBT community.

Rebecca AxeRosa, Undergraduate Admissions

Pat Brennan, School of Science and Health

Christina Chila, Resident Assistant (09-10)

Zachary Coss, GSA Executive Board Member

Danielle Dadras, Assistant Professor of World Literature and Cultural Studies

Rhonda Davis, Athletics

Patricia Garske, School of Science and Health

Steve Grout, School of Architecture

Heather Horowitz, Student Activities

Eric Jacala, Resident Assistant (09-10)

Aleksandr Kvasov, Adjunct Faculty, School fo Liberal Arts

Carmel-Jo Madonna, Student Life

Jack Maher, Adjunct Faculty, School of Liberal Arts

John Marshalek, GSA Executive Board

Danielle Matz, Resident Assistant (09-10)

Marcella McCoy, Honors Program

Mike McKeithan, Undergraduate Student

Brianna Penrod, Resident Assistant (09-10)

Sarah Punderson, Assistant Athletic Director/SID/SWA

Jennifer Reger, Undergraduate Admissions

Amy Roshannon, Study Abroad

Rick Shain, School of Liberal Arts

Sarah Sheber, Residence Life

Nancy Sorkin, Lead Professional Writing Tutor and Adjunct Faculty, School of Liberal Arts

Missy Stolfi, Student Devcelopment Programs

Pat Thatcher, Learning and Advising Center

Phil Tiemeyer, School of Liberal Arts

Laurie Tuttle, Associate Director of Residence Life

Aurelio Manuel Valente, Student Development Programs

Stacey VanDahm, Assistant Professor of Literature and Writing

Lindsay White, Resident Assistant (09-10)

Warren Young, Student Activities