Writing Assistance

The Writing Assistance Program at Jefferson’s East Falls campus strives to create a welcoming, accessible environment where students can come to receive individualized writing instruction in engaging tutoring sessions. Our trained, professional writing tutors assist Jefferson undergraduate and graduate students with writing assignments for any course, at any stage of the writing process.

The Writing Assistance Program envisions tutoring as a process of empowerment; we aim to help you succeed independently as a writer by developing a long-term, complex skill set. In other words, we want to help make you a better writer for life, not just for one assignment.

To make an appointment:

  1. Log in to Starfish using your WebAdvisor username and password.
  2. Scroll down to “Your Services.”
  3. Click on “Schedule Appointment.”
  4. Select the reason for your appointment and hit “Continue.”
  5. In the top left side, select the date range for when you’d like to schedule an appointment (click on the range first, then use the calendar below to select the date). All available appointments during that range should then appear.
  6. Then select the time for your appointment. The default for all appointments is 30 minutes; however, if you select a 30 minute appointment with a tutor that has another 30 minute appointment available immediately afterwards, on the next page you can change the duration of your appointment to make it a one hour appointment. Select “Continue.”
  7. Change the duration of your appointment if you wish, and double-check that the appointment information is for the date and time that you wanted. You may also fill in the text box to give your tutor more information about the reason for your visit. If everything looks correct, select “Confirm.”
  8. After you schedule the appointment, you will receive a confirmation email to your Jefferson email account.

Online writing assistance:

If you are unable to visit the Academic Success Center in person, we also offer online writing assistance via Zoom (a free and easy to use web-conferencing tool, which allows us to share screens so we can both look at and edit the same electronic document together). If you are interested in scheduling a Zoom appointment, contact tutoring@philau.edu.  

If a real-time video appointment doesn't work for you, you can also request that a tutor provide you with written feedback by completing this form. Once we receive your submission, your tutor will provide you with written feedback via email within 48 hours (Monday - Friday). We request that you limit your submissions to one submission per day.

If you have any questions, or do not receive a response within 48 hours (Monday - Friday), please call the ASC at 215-951-2799, or send an email to tutoring@philau.edu (ATTN: Online Writing Assistance in the subject line).

Click here to submit your paper for written feedback via email.


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General information about Writing Assistance:


  • Professional writing tutor appointments are scheduled in 30-minute blocks. However, if you believe your writing assistance needs cannot be fully addressed in 30 minutes, you may request two appointments in a row for a total of 60 minutes of instructional time. These longer blocks are only available when the tutoring schedule permits, so please try to book them far in advance.
  • Each student is limited to no more than two hours of writing appointments (whether online or in-person) per week. If you believe that you need more writing assistance than this, contact tutoring@philau.edu to discuss the possibility of receiving more tutoring, depending on our availability.
  • Successful writing tutoring requires that you leave time to make independent revisions at home. Multiple drafts and follow-up tutoring sessions are often required, and “last minute” tutoring sessions do not usually yield the desired results. It is in your best interest to make your writing tutoring appointment well in advance of your assignment’s due date.
  • Remember to always bring a copy of your assignment description to any tutoring session! Without the assignment information on hand, it is very difficult for our writing tutors to provide specific feedback.
  • Upon request, writing tutors can email you a detailed feedback summary, which you can share with your instructor if you wish to demonstrate that you have visited us for writing tutoring. Additionally, if you are enrolled in a class where the professor requires you to visit the writing center, we will send them a list of students who attended their appointments and an overview of what was discussed.
  • In addition to one-on-one appointments, the Writing Assistance Program also offers various writing and reference guides on our Writing Resources page. Faculty may also request a tailored writing workshop by contacting Sarah Marshall, the Assistant Director of Writing Services, at Sarah.Marshall@Jefferson.edu.
  • Writing Assistance at Jefferson – East Falls Campus operates by appointment; however, same day or "walk-in" appointments are occasionally available. Consult the Starfish schedule online or drop by the Academic Success Center to inquire about same day appointments.

    *Note: same day appointments are often not available past week 9 of the semester.