Founded in 2000, the Engineering and Design Institute is an interdisciplinary research center focusing on green materials, sustainable design and education. Located in the Manayunk section of Philadelphia, The Institute works on a variety of projects to:
  • help companies create new products to expand or improve their lines
  • help designers and architects create green buildings
  • develop curricula and train sectors of the industry in green building and construction 

The Institute spearheaded efforts to form the Pennsylvania Green Growth Partnership, a multi-organizational initiative to link PA companies to university researchers in order to spur the green building industry.

With a focus on education, the Institute founded the Master's Degree in Sustainable Design Program, a interdisciplinary post professional program. This unique program prizes collaboration and cross disciplinary work as the cornerstone of effective sustainable design.

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The Engineering and Design Institute
, Philadelphia University, 4145 Station Street, Philadelphia, PA 19127 215.951 2745
Engineering & Design Studio