Periodic Review Report

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            Appendix A, Section II

                        1. Self Study Recommendations and Middle States Suggestions

                        2. Philadelphia University Committee Membership

                        3. Strategic Plan Final October 3, 2008

                        4. Strategic Plan Implementation

                        5. Serving and Learning in Philadelphia

                        6. Retention Task Force Fall 2008 Report

            Appendix B, Section III

                        1. College Organization Schematic

                        2. College Organizational Charts

3. University Analytics Dashboard Example

                        4. Middle States Institutional Profiles

Appendix C, Section IV

            1. Four Year Budget Model 2010-2011

            2. Four Year Budget Model - Revenue with enrollment

            3. Audited Financial Statements


5. Capital Projects

6. Moody's  - Philadelphia University Series 2011 Report

7. S&P Commentary, March 23, 2011

Appendix D, Section V

1. Institutional Learning Outcomes

2. National Survey of Student Engagement 2009 Multi-Year Benchmark Report

3. Institutional Effectiveness Diagrams

4. Program Review Process and Schedule

5. University Assessment of Student Learning Plan

6. Programmatic Assessment Plans & Learning Outcomes

  • College of Architecture and Built Environment

o       B. Arch. Assessment Plan grid

o       B. Arch. Assessment Plan Narrative

o       B.S._Architectural Studies_Assessment Narrative

o       B.S._Architectural_Studies_Assessment Plan Grid

o       B.S._Interior Design Assessment Plan Grid

o       B.S._Interior Design Assessment Plan Narrative

o       BLA_Assessment Plan Grid

o       BLA_Assessment Plan Narrative

o       MS_Construction Management Assessment Plan Grid

o       MS_Construction Management Assessment Plan Narrative

o       MS_Sustainable Design Assessment Plan Grid

o       MS_Sustainable Design_Assessment Plan Narrative

  • College of Design Engineering and Commerce

o       School of Business Administration

§         BS_Business Core and Majors_Assessment Grids and Narratives

§         MBA _Assessment Grid and Narrative

§         MS_Fashion Apparel Studies_Assessment Grid and Narrative

o       School of Design and Engineering

§         BS_Animation Assessment Grid

§         BS_Animation Assessment Narrative

§         BS_Fashion Design Assessment Grid

§         BS_Fashion Design Assessment Narrative

§         BS_Graphic Design Assessment Grid

§         BS_Graphic Design Assessment Narrative

§         BS_Industrial Design Assessment Grid

§         BS_Industrial Design Assessment Narrative

§         BS_Interactive Design Media_Assessment Grid

§         BS_Interactive Design Media_Assessment Narrative

§         BS_Textile Design Assessment Grid

§         BS_Textile Design Assessment Narrative

§         BS_Textile Material Technology Assessment Grid

§         BS_Textile Material Technology Assessment Narrative

§         BSE_Engineering Assessment Grid

§         BSE_Engineering Assessment Narrative

§         BSE_Industrial Systems Assessment Narrative

§         BSE_Industrial Systems_Assessment Grid

§         BSE_Mechanical Engineering Assessment Grid

§         BSE_Mechanical Engineering Assessment Narrative

§         MS_Interactive Design Media Assessment Grid

§         MS_Interactive Design Media Assessment Narrative

§         MS_PhD_Textile Engineering Assessment Grid

§         MS_Textile Design Assessment Grid

§         MS_Textile Design Assessment Narrative

  • College of Science Health and the Liberal Arts

o       Health Professions

§         BS_Health Science Assessment Narrative

§         BS_Health Sciences Assessment Grid

§         BS_PreMedical_Assessment Grid

§         BS_PreMedical_Assessment_Narrative

§         MS_Disaster Medicine Management Assessment Grid

§         MS_Disaster Medicine Management Assessment Narrative

§         MS_Midwifery Assessment Grid

§         MS_Midwifery Assessment Narrative

§         MS_Occupational Therapy Assessment Grid

§         MS_Occupational Therapy Assessment Narrative

§         MS_Physician Assistant Studies_Assessment Narrative

§         MS_PhysicianAssistantStudies_AssessmentGrid

o       Liberal Arts

§         BS_Biology Assessment Grid

§         BS_Biology Assessment Narrative

§         BS_Chemistry and Biochemistry Assessment Grid and Narrative

§         BS_Environmental Conservation Biology Assessment Grid

§         BS_Environmental Conservation Biology Assessment Narrative

§         BS_Environmental Sustainability Assessment Grid

§         BS_Environmental Sustainability Assessment Narrative

§         BS_Law and Society Assessment Grid

§         BS_Law and Society Assessment Narrative

§         BS_Professional Communication Assessment Grid

§         BS_Professional Communication Assessment Narrative

§         BS_Psychology and Biopsychology Assessment Grid

§         BS_Psychology and Biopsychology Assessment Narrative

  • Continuing and Professional Studies

o       BS_Continuing and Professional Studies Assessment Grid

o       BS_Continuing and Professional Studies Assessment Narrative

  • Information Literacy Assessment and Rubric

o       Information Literacy Rubric

o       Information Literacy_Assessment Grid

o       Information Literacy_Assessment Narrative

  • Student Life

o       New Student Orientation_survey response results

§         NSO2010 Summary Comments

§         NSO2010 Summary Results

§         Summer 2010 START Orientation Survey Results

o       SERVE-101

§         SERVE Fall 2010 Learning Communities Comparison and Survey results

§         SERVE_101_Program Assessment Grid

o       Athletics Program Assessment Grid

o       CareerEDGE Program Assessment Grid

o       Counseling Services_Assessment Grid

o       Emerging Leaders Survey Response Summary

o       First Year Experience Assessment Grid_FYE

o       Resident Assistant Education Program Assessment Grid

  • Honors and Writing across the Curriculum programs

o       Honors_Assessment Grid

o       Honors_Assessment Narrative

o       Writing Across the Curriculum_Assessment Grid

o       Writing Across the Curriculum_Assessment Narrative

7. Best Practices for using assessment for program improvement (White Space Conflict)

                        8. PhilaU Institutional Assessment Rubric


Philadelphia University Finance Review, June 10, 2011

Philadelphia University Reviewer Report, July 29, 2011