Working Groups

Groups 1-3: Institutional Context

Group 1 Standard #1 – Mission, Goals, & Objectives 
Standard #7 – Institutional Assessment
Liaison:   Judith McKee, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Graduate Studies
Chair:   Diane Pfaltzgraff, Professor, Political Science
Members:   Elmore Alexander, Dean, School of Business Administration
Jeffrey Baird, Director, Safety and Security
Herbert Barndt, Associate Professor, Textile Engineering 
Tim Butler, Director, Student Activities
Craig Griffen, Associate Professor, Architecture 
John Keleher, Director, Major Gifts
Margaret Kip, Director, Enrollment Systems (2004-2005)
Cathy Piersol, Associate Professor and
Director, Occupational Therapy Program
Elijah Wiegman, Industrial Design Student

Group 2 Standard #2 - Planning, Resource Allocation, & Institutional Renewal 
Standard #3 - Institutional Resources (including off-campus resources)
Liaison:   Jane Antheil, Vice President, Enrollment and Student Affairs 
Bill Mea, Assistant Vice President for Business and Finance
Randy Gentzler, Vice President for Business and Finance/Treasurer 
Chair:   Jeffrey Cepull, Assistant Vice President for Campus Information
Members:   Frank Baseman, Associate Professor, Graphic Design Communication 
Susan Calder, Director, Off-Campus Programs
Diana Cundell, Associate Professor, Biology
Steven Dinero, Associate Professor, Human Geography
Kathryn Flannery, Director, Human Resources
D.K. Malhotra, Professor, Finance 
Jason Rigsbee, Assistant Director, Residence Life
Benedict Suplick, Director, Physical Plant
Amanda Logan, Physician Assistant Student

Group 3 Standard #4 - Leadership and Governance 
Standard #5 - Administration 
Standard #6 – Integrity
Liaison:   Geoffrey Cromarty, Executive Assistant to the President
Nya Jacobs, Student, Industrial Design
Raymond Poteau, Professor, Accounting
Chair:   Carter Pierce, Associate Professor, Political Science
Members:   Patricia Baldridge, Vice President, Marketing and Public Relations 
Nancy Howard, Assistant Professor, Textile Chemistry
Lynda Irwin, Executive Secretary, Enrollment and Student Affairs 
Morna Livingston, Associate Professor, Architecture
Timothy McGee, Director, Instructional Design and Technology
James Savoie, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs and Director of the
Academic Achievement Program 
Patricia Shafer, Director, Career Services 
Denis Tekippe, Associate Professor, Physician Assistant Studies (2004-2005) 
Philip Murphy, Marketing Student

Groups 4 – 7: Educational Context

Group 4 Standard # 8 - Student Admissions 
Standard # 9 - Student Support
Liaison:    Raymond Becker, Dean of Students
Chair:   Krishna Bhat, Associate Professor, Chemistry (2004-2005)
Co-chairs: (2005-2006)   Marie Wilcom Bunner, Assistant Director, Learning and Advising Center
Katharine Jones, Associate Professor, Sociology
Members:   Lisa Cooper, Director, Financial Aid 
Christine Greb, Director, Admissions 
Jaideep Naidu, Associate Professor, Operations Management
Marcella McCoy, Director of the Honors Program 
Margaret Oravetz, Assistant Dean, School of Engineering and Textiles 
Thomas Shirley, Director of Athletics and Chair, Department of Physical
Andrew Hess, Digital Design Student
Pamela Vargas, Industrial Design Student

Group 5 Standard #10 – Faculty
Liaison:   David Breiner, Associate Professor, Architectural History/Theory 
Marylyn Goutmann, Associate Professor, Textiles
Chair:   Barbara Kimmelman, Associate Professor, History
Members:   Cathleen Barlow, Director, Counseling Services 
William Firman, Director, Graduate Admissions 
Pia Murray-Roper, Help Desk Manager, Office of Information Technology
Josh Owen, Assistant Professor, Industrial Design 
Michael Rackover, Associate Professor and Program Director, Physician Assistant Studies 
Lloyd Russow, Professor, International Business and Associate Dean,
School of Business Administration
Victoria High, Textile Design Student
Yuhong Chen, MBA/Instructional Design and Technology Graduate Student

Group 6 Standard #11 - Educational Offerings 
Standard #12 - General Education 
Standard #13 - Related Educational Activities (excluding off-campus resources)
Liaison:   Faye Ross, Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs and Director
Learning and Advising Center 
Thomas Schrand, Associate Professor, History
Chair:   Rachel Wilson, Associate Professor, Biology and Assistant Dean
School of Science and Health
Members:   Hannah Bar-Giora, Director, International Student Programs 
Claire Beevers, Associate Professor, Textile Design 
Steven Bell, Director, Gutman Library
John Eliason, Director, Writing across the Curriculum
Jamie Schuller Grant, Director, Cooperative Education 
Susan Frosten, Associate Professor, Architecture 
Kathleen Moran-Gannon, Director of Marketing
Continuing and Professional Studies 
Cathy Rusinko, Assistant Professor, Management
Derek Larson, Finance Student
Lisa Foote, Occupational Therapy Graduate Student

Group 7 Standard # 14 – Assessment of Student Learning
Liaison:   Matt Baker, Dean, School of Science and Health
Chair:   Elizabeth Mariotz, Associate Professor, Retail Management
Members:   Tod Corlett, Associate Professor, Industrial Design 
Bridget Haines-Frank, Director, Student Development Programs
Anne Hand, Associate Professor, Fashion Design
Marion Roydhouse, Dean, School of Liberal Arts and Professor, History 
Jordana Shane, Librarian, Electronic Instruction and Reference 
Petrena Young, Director, Information and Operations, Development Office 
Stephanie Lietz, Textile Technology Student