About Academics at Philadelphia University

Philadelphia University educates students to excel in their chosen careers, contribute to their communities and to value lifelong learning. Philadelphia University graduates are leaders possessing outstanding communication and critical-thinking skills, a thorough understanding of their field of study, proficiency with current technologies, understanding of multicultural issues, a sense of professionalism, and the ability to adapt to rapid change. Teaching excellence, original research and active professional development are the reasons why our faculty are so successful in educating students to be the scholars, designers and professionals of tomorrow.

Schools and Degree Programs

Today, Philadelphia University has six schools including:

We offer more than 40 undergraduate and graduate degree programs, and we foster a student-focused, total learning environment that emphasizes academic excellence, creativity, open communication, collegiality, diversity, accountability and entrepreneurship. Through the Office of Graduate and Continuing and Professional Studies, Philadelphia University offers Bachelor Of Science, Associate in Science and certificate programs to continuing studies students during evening hours and on weekends. Just recently, we introduced our first PhD program.

The Philadelphia University curricula seek to:

  • Enhance students’ abilities and desire to learn.
  • Ensure students’ understanding of the ideas, traditions and values of their own and other cultures.
  • Prepare students to apply the concepts and techniques of both general and specialized learning to a full life as a citizen with a career.

All curricula at Philadelphia University combine theory and application, and performance and integration. This mixture guides the faculty as they develop specific learning outcomes for their programs. Assessment helps in understanding how well students are achieving these outcomes and reflects the belief in the importance of learning by doing.

Bachelor’s Degree Components

  • College Studies
  • Professional Studies
  • Minor or Concentration Option
  • Free Electives
  • Physical Education
  • Co-op Option
  • Study Abroad

Masters’s Degree Components

Graduate education at Philadelphia University is an extension of the University’s mission to offer professional education. Programs combine theory and practice, scholarly research and application to produce graduates who are prepared for both senior levels of responsibility and further graduate study, including the doctorate. Curricula are organized around:

  • Foundation Courses
  • Core Courses
  • Concentration Courses
  • Electives
  • Research Partnerships
  • Professional Internships

Founded: 1884
Student population: 2500
Setting: Suburban
Student/Faculty ratio: 12:1
Average class size: 18
Deadline: Rolling