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Faculty Awards and Honors
September 1999


Eileen Angelini, School of General Studies Contributing Author: Educorock Espa-ol. Stratford, ON: Educorock Productions Inc., 1999.

Reviewed Keith Harding, "Going International: English for Tourism". London: Oxford University Press, 1998. The Journal of Language for International Business, 10.2 (1999).

Charles Bock, School of Science and Health "Manganese as a Replacement for Magnesium and Zinc: Functional Comparison of the Divalent Ions", Published in Journal of the American Chemical Society, Volume 121, Number 32.

D.K. Malhotra, School of Business Administration "Fuzzy Systems and Neuro-Computing in Credit-Approval" co-authored with Rashmi Malhotra, Journal of Lending and Credit Risk Management, Volume 81, Number 11, July/August 1999.

Les Sztandera, Charles Bock, Janu Velga, School of Science & Health Mendel Trachtman, School of Textiles & Materials Technology Artificial Neural Networks Aid the Design of Non-Carcinogenic Azo Dyes, "Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence" 1609, Springer-Verlag, 1999, 503-511.

"Fuzzy Neural Trees", Encyclopedia of Computer Science and Technology, Volume 40, 87-104.

Jerome Witt, School of Business Administration Co-authored and presented "The Interface Between Global Sourcing and Marketing".


D.K. Malhotra, School of Business Administration
Presented a paper at the PACAP-FMA Conference in Singapore, July 8-10, 1999. The paper was entitled "Components of the Bid-Offer Rates in Yen-Dollar Currency Swap Market: An Empirical Investigation."


Steve Grout, School of Architecture & Design
Applied for and received certification a ‘wildlife sanctuary’ by the NJ Division of Fish, Game, Wildlife and the NJ Audubon Society. Certification is based upon the design of the landscape in support of birds, butterflies, etc.


Eileen Angelini, School of General Studies
Scholarship offered by the Cultural Services of the French Embassy to the United States to attend the special training program, "Enseigner le Franćais des Affaires aux Etats-Unis," at the Centre International d’Etudes de langues a Strasbourg: July 20 – August 6, 1999.

Judy McKee, Graduate and Continuing Studies
Educator of the Year Award for Non-Credit Programs, awarded by Region IV of Association for Continuing Higher Education (ACHE), for the SAS Programming Certificate Program. Co-awardee is Ellen Brookstien, Covance Inc.


Eileen Angelini, School of General Studies Developed and conducted the workshop "Here Comes the Euro," Southeastern Pennsylvania Consortium of Higher Education workshop on Using Technology in the Foreign Language Classroom, Rosemont College: March 27, 1999.

Developed and conducted the workshop "La PublicitZ dans la salle de classe" – Massachusetts Foreign Language Associaition French Immersion Weekend: June 25-26, 1999.

John Vorlicek, School of Textiles & Materials Technology Reviewer for Design Basics by Lauer & Pentak, Harcourt College Publishers.

Sigrid Weltge, School of Textiles & Materials Technology Content Reviewer and Referee for Volume 25, 1998 of DRESS, the scholarly annual journal of the Costume Society of America.