Greater Opportunity for Academic Learning and Living Successes

Greater Opportunity for Academic Learning and Living Successes (GOALS2) provides services to students who self-identify as needing of support to achieve their desired learning outcomes and enhance their overall educational experience at the university. GOALS2 is free occupational therapy faculty and student led program that augments the supports offered through the Office of Student Accessibility Services.

GOALS2 services are individualized to each student’s needs and preferences. The services may include:

  • Identification of student-driven academic goals
  • On-on-One & Group:
    • Problem solving
    • Trialing
    • Training
  • Classroom observation
  • Consultation with faculty and staff members

GOALS2 services address topics such as:

  • Assistive and educational technology
  • Study strategies specific to the student's needs
  • Strategies to improve readiness to learn
  • Interactions with peers in the classroom, group projects and academic life
  • Adaptation of the learning and living environment
  • Coaching around academic life and beyond

Tech Hour

All about using technology to make learning easier! Drop-in group sessions with tech demo, trial, practicce and problem solving.

Study Smarts

Drop-in group sessions to tackle your next assignment, practice study skills and to organize your academic life.


GOALS2 services are provided by appointment except for drop-in sessions. Third year occupational therapy graduate students provide the GOALS2 services under the direct supervision of registered and licensed occupational therapists and the director of Accessibility Services.

Students can obtain additional information about GOALS2 by contacting Accessibility Services at or Monique Chabot, OTD, OTR/L at