Alumni Spotlight

Staying Engaged and Proactive from a Duo that Does it Best

Monique and Trevor Bonney ’09, M’10

Mo and Trev 1

Monique Bonney (née Young) ’09 and Trevor Bonney ’08, M ’10 arrived to Philadelphia University with ambition, plans and specific interests, but what they got from their alma mater was so much more.  Not only did they find each other and marry in October of 2013, they laid groundwork for successful careers.  Trevor, currently a physician assistant at Penn Medicine working in cardiac electrophysiology, and Monique, a project manager for Trinity Health, are both flourishing in their professions thanks to their successes at PhilaU.

Trevor, a New York native, specifically sought out colleges with physician assistant programs.  Some may say that twenty applications were excessive, but Trevor was persistent to find the best possible fit for his needs.  In the end, PhilaU’s accelerated dual-degree five-year PA program won him over and he enrolled as a freshman in 2005.

Monique, a Virginia girl, arrived to campus that same August in 2005 to join Trevor and the rest of their classmates.  She entered PhilaU as an International Business major, seeking to additionally take Japanese courses, a language that many schools did not offer her.  Additionally, Monique was strongly attracted to the flexible study abroad program PhilaU had to offer — allowing students to choose international cities without limiting them to certain campuses.  

The two met at freshmen orientation amongst icebreakers, and quickly became friends.  The following summer, before their sophomore year, Monique and Trevor participated in the PhilaU International Scholar’s Program to South Africa, organized by Marcella Deh, Ph.D., director, Honors Program.  There, they both took on the role of being global citizens in an ever-changing world.  They were exposed to different cultures, languages and food — enabling both Monique and Trevor to think of their careers as students with a new lens and new purpose. 

They did not stop taking advantage of resources offered to them over their next years at PhilaU.  When asked what she most appreciated about her college career, Monique said she loved the way professors trusted in her abilities and allowed her freedom to grow.  “I was blessed to have a series of advisors who helped me do as I pleased.  It involved me telling them what I wanted and in turn, them helping me get there.”  Monique was an engaged and active student on campus.  She traveled abroad to Tokyo sophomore year, was a part of the SGA cabinet for the duration of her college career and was elected student body president during her senior year.  Trevor likewise, served as president of his physician assistant class and attributed PhilaU’s small class sizes and personal attention from professors as being strong assets to his learning.  “Given the amount of information you have to acquire in a short amount of time, having small class sizes and faculty who know you by name is so helpful,” he said.

Mo and Trev 2

Now Trevor and Monique are enjoying the challenge of being new parents to their son, Trevor “Trey” Bonney III, while being professionals.  Trevor laughingly said, “There is never a dull moment in medicine.”  Studying abnormalities in heart rhythms is no easy task, but Trevor excels.  He said that meeting patients at their most vulnerable point and working through a problem to get them smiling and healthy is what makes his work so rewarding.  Monique finds “bringing order to the chaos” as a project manager, and dealing with regulatory needs in the health system the most rewarding parts of her job.  She is a problem fixer and her team relies heavily on her.

It is clear that the passion and ambition that was evident in Monique and Trevor as students at PhilaU has not left them now as young professionals.  Both have pursued careers in the assisting and betterment of lives through the healthcare field, and both have remained active and engaged in their PhilaU community.  Monique, a former First Five Council member, and now a member of the Alumni Association Board said that, “if you invest in the community on a micro and macro level, you will in turn get the return on investment on a personal level.”  She speaks to her heightened involvement as being the reason she has been so successful as a professional woman, wife and mother.  Her piece of advice is to stay engaged.  Trevor, like Monique, remains involved on campus by returning to the PhilaU PA program as a guest lecturer where he urges current students to be proactive with their time. “Your time at PhilaU means more than you think.  When it comes to using this time to build your network and set your career on the right path, now is the time to get it done,” said Trevor.  

For now, Trevor and Monique are enjoying the first stages of parenthood with their son Trey.  They have built up a large network in Philadelphia and love the culture, festivals and green space that the city has to offer.  They will continue to use the resources and skills that PhilaU has taught them as they encounter more successes in their future. 

Trey Bonney III