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Gifted PhilaU Basketball Hall of Fame Inductee Finds Success At Comcast Business

Mike Louden '89

Mike Louden and Herb Magee - Philadelphia University

Like many gifted basketball players, Mike Louden had dreams of what it would be like to continue playing professionally after graduating from Philadelphia College of Textiles & Science. “He was that good,” said Men’s Basketball Head Coach Herb Magee.

But, Louden also had dreams of a promising business career and, after graduating in 1989, he decided to dive headfirst into what would become an almost three-decade-long successful career in both enterprise sales and sales management, where he serves today as Vice President of Sales, Enterprise Services of the Northeast Division of Comcast Business.

Looking back, Louden credits time on the basketball court as key to helping him prepare for the upward climb on the corporate ladder.

Born and raised in Delaware County, PA, Louden attended Cardinal O’Hara High School where his athletic abilities would be coveted by several colleges and universities. Despite other offers, Textile, as Louden refers to the school, stood out to him.

“It was always important to me that I stay in Philly,” Louden explained. “Textile was in the area, had a diverse atmosphere, and their basketball team had a great reputation mainly because of Coach Magee.” Remembering his first visit and the immediate connection he felt to campus, Louden says his decision to attend Philadelphia Textile was the best decision he’s ever made.

Declaring a major in finance and a minor in marketing, Louden was a dedicated student who carried his discipline in the classroom to his performance on the court.

“Mike was a good student,” said Magee. “But what set him apart from the rest what his ability to play basketball. Mike’s senior campaign was probably better than any other player I have seen in my coaching career. He was top in his conference and one of the top in the nation. He was just terrific.”

Louden, on average, scored 25 points per game. “That is quite remarkable,” Magee offered, “especially for Louden’s size.”

Louden’s abilities were not only recognized by his coach but also through his induction into the Philadelphia University Athletics Hall of Fame in 2007. “Being able to share that moment with my wife and kids and to show them that I am forever part of this university was a really great experience,” said Louden.

Louden says playing basketball for such a well-known and inspiring coach added to his overall experience in college. Thinking back, he believes his experiences in college led to his success in the workforce.

“Employers look for well-balanced student athletes,” Louden explained. “Playing ball and working hard in class is all about managing your time. Especially when you wake up early for practice, travel for games, and have to study for a test. All of these skills translate well in the work world.”

After graduation, Louden accepted a job offer with Bell Pennsylvania. He grew to become very successful as the company merged and transformed to become Verizon today. Despite his original plans of building his career within the same company, after 17 years Louden decided to take a risk and accept a new challenge at Comcast in 2008 for opportunities that he felt could be much greater.

Louden began on the ground floor of a startup initiative within Comcast Corporation, now known as Comcast Business. “There have been a lot of moves over the last eight years growing this business,” said Louden. “Being able to see it grow from the beginning days to now a $5B business unit within a Fortune 50 company is really amazing.”

As Vice President for Comcast’s Enterprise Business Segment in the Northeast division, Louden manages a sales force of 200 employees in a territory from Boston, MA to Richmond, VA.

Mike Louden and Family - Philadelphia University

Of all his professional successes, Louden takes the most pride in his role as a husband and father.

Louden’s oldest son, Mike Louden, Jr., is currently attending PhilaU as an accomplished student and athlete on the basketball team.

“Mike has always been a very good student and a disciplined athlete,” Louden said of his son. “Growing up, he had been to campus and knew about the reputation of the basketball team. And while you always want your kids to be able to blaze their own trail, this school really was a great fit for Mike.”

Both Louden and his son Mike have been coached by Herb Magee who will celebrate his 50th anniversary at the University this year. “It’s pretty amazing to think I played on a court with the same coach that my son plays for today,” Louden reflected. “I was part of the earlier days of Coach Magee’s career and my son was able to be part of his 1,000th win.”

Magee expressed what a pleasure it has been to coach both Loudens.

“For a father to send their son to their alma mater to play for the same coach,” Magee explained, “that’s the ultimate compliment. I’m happy to say we are more than pleased with Mike, Jr.”

A walk-on during his freshman year, Mike, Jr. has been recognized twice as top basketball player in the conference. This year, Coach Magee has selected Mike, Jr. to be co-captain of the team. In addition, his straight A’s for three years in a row have earned him a scholarship. These three feats, Coach Magee says, “are difficult to do, but he is a quality young man, a remarkable student and earned all of it on his own.”

Louden and his wife, Michele, are proud of how their son has taken advantage of his PhilaU education and already gained real-world experience. Mike, Jr. worked at SEI Investments last year and this summer at JP Morgan Chase as a Financial Analyst Development Program Intern.

“This school is really impressive from a parent’s perspective,” Louden said. “PhilaU gives students, like Mike, a ready-to-go resume and it’s no wonder that the hiring rate for graduates is so high.”

Also part of the Louden family are Mike, Jr.’s two younger brothers, Andrew, soon-to-be freshman at West Chester University and Ryan, a rising freshman at Garnet Valley High School.

Mike Louden Dinner with the Rams - Philadelphia University

In addition to his busy schedule, Louden has also given his time to PhilaU as a mentor through the Dinner with the Rams program. Dinner with the Rams is a networking event that connects current students with successful alumni.

“I didn’t have the opportunity during my time in college to visit an alum’s workplace and network with them so I was really excited about having the opportunity to host this dinner,” Louden said.

Louden believes this has been one of the most rewarding ways to give back to the school that gave so much to him and his family. “Even after the event, I have remained in contact with a few of the students and have guided them through some of their interview processes at Comcast and other companies.”

His desire to help others is also evident through his involvement with the Keane Foundation, named after two late PhilaU alumni basketball players and siblings, Billy Keane ‘89 and Karen Keane Smith ‘90, who tragically passed away from cancer within a few years of one another. Louden, along with several other alumni and close friends, helped start the foundation in memory of their friends to help others in need who are fighting similar battles.

Louden believes the success he’s earned in life is a result of the guiding principles he learned in college and from his basketball coach. Those who know Louden well, like Magee, believe his character has helped guide him through life. “He and his entire family are good people,” Magee said. “Mike is just an absolute great guy.”