Animation and Digital Media

Program Overview

From the start, you will be immersed in the Philadelphia University design community, taking classes with graphic designers, interactive designers, fashion designers and architects. You will establish strong visual thinking and conceptual skills common to most art and design fields.

As a sophomore, you will learn production and storytelling while improving your design and communication skills in classes covering typography, hierarchy and image-making.
During your third year, you will learn essential 3D filmmaking using industry standard software, to design, model and animate compelling 3D characters and environments. You will use 3D imagery in your study of motion graphics, combining type, video and 2D imagery to create uniquely designed visual narratives. Animation studies will be infused with the principles of animation design and regular screenings of historic and contemporary examples.
In your final year, you will explore advanced 3D and 2D studies as you plan and implement a short film for your final capstone project, which you will publicly exhibit alongside colleagues. Encompassing every phase of production, this film culminates your entire animation education.
In addition of regular coursework, you may focus on areas of interest through electives in video production, photography, illustration and gaming. Additionally, we encourage you to supplement your education through internships, design job fairs, study abroad opportunities and memberships in professional organizations.


Our graduates with an in-depth knowledge of design, storytelling dynamics, and the technical skills needed to flourish in the animation field. With this degree, you can find careers in a number of industries, including advertising, film, television, gaming and more. The collaborative nature of the program gives you the chance to discover which field you’d like to pursue, and prepares you for the challenge of working alongside professionals from many different backgrounds.

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