Animation and Digital Media

Enriching the Experience

The Animation & Digital Media program offers many opportunities for you to enrich your overall experience beyond the program’s curriculum – expanding your social and professional networks and widening your worldview.

Animation Club

The Animation Club meets weekly at the University and students support one another on their projects, watch animated films, play video games, and perform community service initiatives to the University.

Study Abroad - Japan

Many students take advantage of a study abroad opportunity to Japan during the spring term of their junior year. This invaluable experience exposes students to the animation techniques and history of Japan as well as a cultural understanding not achievable in the classroom. Students are recommended to take at least one Japanese language course before pursuing this study abroad.


Students in the Animation & Digital Media program have many opportunities to make their education more robust. Students can earn a minor by using their elective credits in a specific field and taking a few extra classes. Some of the minors commonly pursued by Animation & Digital Media majors include:

  • Communication
  • Graphic Design
  • Multimedia and Visualization
  • Photography
  • Web Design & Development

Collaborative Projects

Aligned with Thomas Jefferson University’s Nexus Learning objectives, Animation & Digital Media majors frequently take vital and necessary roles in University collaborative projects. Students often work on interdisciplinary teams producing 3D models and animations of concepts and products for real companies. This allows students to get practical, real-world experience as well as an opportunity to build and diversify their portfolios.

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