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Philadelphia University’s Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch) is a five-year professional degree program accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB). Students receive an industry-centered, liberal arts-infused education, blending academic scholarship with hands-on, professional learning. The program encourages interdisciplinary collaboration, and most of our faculty members are practicing industry professionals. As architectural practices evolve rapidly to meet new environmental, economic and societal challenges, our curriculum’s unique focus on market-driven innovation and sustainability gives students a competitive advantage in the industry. The program builds on an interdisciplinary foundation of design and visualization studies and grows into more advanced courses that support design projects of increasing complexity and scope.

Architecture: Integrating STEM through Design

Architecture: Integrating STEM through Design

Students learn essential research skills and can take focused courses in experimental structures and materials, furniture design, design theory, construction management, historic preservation, business, and more. Instruction goes beyond the classroom to include industry partnerships, community engagement projects, study abroad, and internships with architectural firms in Philadelphia. As a transformative force in professional education, PhilaU gives students a working knowledge of the industry so they may contribute to a firm immediately, present work professionally, and think critically. Graduates are well-prepared for leadership roles as stewards of sustainability and to work with top firms worldwide.

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The Prefabricated House in the 21st Century: The Joint

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James Doerfler
Design 10
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