Awards and Activities

Recent Student Awards

  • Stephanie Leigh Ziegler '13 and Scott Murphy '13 were named finalists in The John Stewardson Memorial Design Competition, in March 2013, in which graduating architecture students from across Pennsylvania presented schemes for a new Cistercian Monastery in nearby Bucks County.
  • Christian Kaulius, a 3rd-year student, was a finalist in New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's Reinvent Payphones Design Challenge in Spring 2013. His design would provide Wi-Fi coverage, touchscreen interface, and other features.
  • Ryan Sison, Joanne Thieu, and Interior Design student Patricia Oliveira, TD Bank’s “Bank of the Future Competition,” Jan-Mar 2012; prizes: trip to Toronto to present their design at TD Bank Group’s Enterprise Real Estate annual conference in May; cash; and tickets to a Phillies game

Recent Faculty Awards and Activities

  • Daniel Chung, Kihong Ku and Edgar Stach, "Towards Digital Containerized Factories of Composite Architectural Panels for Complex-shaped Buildings" project awarded an Innovations in Research Grant from Philadelphia University's MAG Composites Institute. The Institute's primary mission is to provide composites education and composites research capabilities.
  • Daniel Chung and Chris Harnish, “Methods for Developing Flexible Technical  Learning in Architectural Education,” accepted for publication, Enquiry: The ARCC Journal of Architectural Research (forthcoming publication in Spring 2013).
  • Donald Dunham, Architecture without Nature in EARTH PERFECT?: Nature ,Utopia and the Garden. London: Artifice Books on Architecture, 2012.
  • Donald Dunham, “Architecture Against Nature: The Making of Utopian Space, Part II” paper delivered at the Annual Meeting of the International Utopian Studies Society in Tarragona, Spain, July 2012.
  • Susan Frostén, Women in Architecture Philadelphia, Steering Committee member, 2012-present.
  • Susan Frostén, Lindback Distinguished Teaching Award, 2013.
  • Craig Griffen, “Spider Cow – Design/Build Project for a Moveable Interior Partition System,” design project accepted for presentation in a poster session at the ACSA Annual Meeting, Boston, 2012.
  • Chris Harnish, SEED (Social, Economic, Environmental Design) Awards Competition, honorable mention for the Pete Patsa Performing Arts Centre, Viljoonskroon, South Africa (2010-11).
  • Chris Harnish, eNtokozweni Community Centre, architect for programming proposal, for the Hillside Digital Trust and the eNtokozweni Community Centre Advisory Board, Alexandra Township, Johannesburg, South Africa, 2011-present.
  • Carol Hermann, AIA, National Beginning Design Conference, Penn State U, 2012.
  • Carol Hermann, "Site Specificity as a Path to Sustainability" End of in the Beginning: Realizing the Sustainable Imagination Proceedings: National Beginning Design Conference, Penn State U, 2012.
  • Carol Hermann, AIA Philadelphia Board of Directors, 2012-13.
  • David Kratzer, “Architecture for the Public Good, A Problematic Design Process.” Paper delivered at the 100th American Collegiate Schools of Architecture Annual Meeting, Boston, MA, Mar 2012
  • David Kratzer,  “Women of Change Safe Haven Design-Build Studio” Grant Project. Principal Investigator, Philadelphia University Nexus Learning Research Grant. ($3,000), 2012
  • David Kratzer, “Ameliorating Symptoms of Dementia at St Francis Country House: Evidence-Based Design study of the efficacy of a daylight-matching, low-energy LED luminaire prototype” architectural consultant to the grant project funded by the American Society of Interior Designers Foundation Transform Program: Applied Research in Interior Design and Human Behavior. ($34,650). Architectural Consultant. Principal Investigator: Dr. Eugenia Ellis, Drexel University, 2012
  • David Kratzer, BAU Architects, Finalist, Fallen Heroes Memorial Design Competition. Franklin Square, Philadelphia. BAU
  • Kihong Ku (Becerik-Gerber, B., Ku, K., and Jazizadeh, F.), “BIM-enabled virtual and collaborative construction engineering and management,” Journal of Professional Issues in Engineering Education and Practice, Vol. 1, no. 62 (2012).
  • Kihong Ku (Ku, K., Broadstone, P., and Colonna, A.), “Towards On-Site Fabrication: A Case Study on Multi-Trade Prefabrication,” paper delivered at the Offsite Theory and Practice of Architectural Production, ACSA Fall Conference, Philadelphia, 2012.
  • Kihong Ku (Grinham, J. and Ku, K.), “4D Environments and Design: Towards an Appliance Architecture Paradigm,” paper delivered at the Digital Aptitudes + Other Openings, ACSA Annual Meeting, March 1-4, 2012, Boston, MA; and the featured article, in Enquiry: The ARCC Journal of Architectural Research (forthcoming publication, Spring 2013).
  • Kihong Ku, “Collaborative Building Information Modeling Framework for Construction Hazard Prevention Through Design,” NIOSH (National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health) Grant, Principal Investigator, 2012-present.
  • Armando Plata, collaboration with Sebastian Mariscal Studio, Allston Housing, Boston, MA, 2012.
  • Armando Plata, SC House, “unbuildable” case study house in Medford, MA, architect, engineer, builder, and developer, 2010-present.
  • Edgar Stach, 2012 AIA Tennessee Design Award, Living Light, Solar Decathlon 2011, (while at University of Tennessee, with J. Rose).
  • Edgar Stach, Principal Investigator for DOE (Department of Education) project: Extreme Balance of Systems Hardware Cost Reduction (BOS-X), Integrated PV Systems in High Performance Building Envelope. 2011-present.
  • Edgar Stach, Principal Investigator for DOE project: Energy Savings through Improved Mechanical Systems and Building Envelope Technologies. Topic 2: Energy Saving Building Envelope Solutions: Dynamic Double-Skin Glass Façades for New and Retrofit Applications: Integrated Energy Recovery and Production for High Performance Buildings. 2011-present.

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