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In their fourth year of study, qualified students may choose to pursue study abroad in English at one of two exciting locations.  The Program participates in a consortium of architecture programs at the University of Arkansas Rome Center (UARC), which is housed in a sprawling palace in Rome’s historic center.  There, they interact with American and Italian architecture students in absorbing the lessons of the “Eternal City.”  Some students elect to join the international student body at the Danish Institute for Study Abroad (DIS) in Copenhagen, headquartered in the bustling core of Scandinavia’s design mecca. 

Both programs require design studio and related courses that assist students in getting the maximum exposure to the architectural and cultural riches of these European capitals.  In addition, extensive travel itineraries permit students to see many other significant locations.  It’s a chance of a lifetime!

Natasha Trice at the German Pavilion in Barcelona, Spain


Natasha A. Trice (’14), UARC, Rome in Spring 2013

Where did you study abroad?  

I studied abroad during the spring semester with UARC in Rome, Italy.

What was the best thing about studying abroad? 

The best thing about study abroad was experiencing architecture you learn about in school, from precedent study and architecture history courses. I realized everything that I had previously thought about these architectural works were just a preview of their complexity; every building was infinitely more spectacular than what is shown in school.

How did this enrich to your PhilaU experience?

The exposure of different building types and the influence of their context enriched my PhilaU experiences tremendously.As a young designer, you learn quickly through travels that context and culture are extremely significant, essential, and evident in profound architecture.

What's next for you?

After graduating PhilaU, I plan on attending graduate school for Urban Design. I will use my knowledge to do humanitarian design projects all over the world, while experiencing other cultures, their context and their architectural masterpieces.

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