Kihong Robert Ku, DDes

Office Phone: 215-951-2895

Doctor of Design, Design Technology and Management - Harvard Univ. Graduate School of Design
Master in Design Studies - Management of Design and Construction - Harvard Univ. Graduate School of Design
Master of Science and Bachelor of Science in Engineering (Architecture) - Seoul National Univ.

Dr. Kihong Ku teaches and coordinates digital technologies and building technologies courses in Architecture, including courses in the Visualization Sequence that cover digital modeling, advanced modeling, experimental modeling, construction detailing and integrated project documentation. He also teaches a Fifth Year Design studio which investigates interactive architecture through the use of off-the-shelf robotics, arduinos, processing, and other open source languages. He frequently incorporates case study research and remote learning environments into his teaching.
Dr. Ku leads currently research in the areas of collaborative design technologies and process innovations of emerging architectural technologies. Current research projects focus on the implications of Building Information Modeling (BIM) for design for safety practices and novel prefabrication approaches. This involves investigation of digital fabrication utilizing parametric modeling, prototyping and fabrication tools for construction and building simulation tools, and architectural robotics. His research has been funded by various public and private funding agencies including NIOSH, Skanska USA Building, the Research Affiliates Program at Virginia Tech, and Jefferson.
Prior to joining Jefferson, Dr. Ku was a building construction professor for six years at Virginia Tech. He also worked as an architectural engineer and designer for seven years at Hyundai Engineering and Construction, Co., Ltd., and HanmiParsons, taking responsibilities for the design and management of large-scale complex commercial, residential, and industrial projects.