Combined Program Information

5+1 Bachelor of Architecture and M.S. in Real Estate Development Accelerated Degree

Increasingly, architects are seeking to layer an additional credential to their primary field of study as a means of expanding prospects and ensuring a high degree of control over the actualization of their design projectsthis programs was developed to meet this desire. The combined Bachelor of Architecture and M.S. in Real Estate Development 5+1 option provides an accelerated pathway to the graduate credential. The College of Architecture and the Built Environment’s M.S. in Real Estate Development is an ideal choice for architects who not only demonstrate entrepreneurial initiative, but also demand design excellence and are cognizant of the economic, social and, significantly, environmental impact of architectural interventions into the built environment.

While working toward the Bachelor of Architecture degree, those in this program complete four graduate courses required by the M.S. Real Estate Development program (a maximum of twelve graduate credits). By submatriculating, a student achieves advanced standing in the 37-credit M.S. Real Estate Development program and upon undergraduate graduation can complete the remaining 25 credits in one year of full-time study. The M.S. in Real Estate Development trains architects to take the next step in the complex process of bringing a design project from concept to fruition.

Professional accountability and ethical practices regarding the environmental impact of architecture are values that connect these two programs, making the combination of these two fields an advantageous choice for students. Faculty includes architects who have been successful as developers through innovation and the invention of specific strategies to overcome financial shortcomings and policy roadblocks.

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4+1 B.S. in Interior Design and M.S. in Sustainable Design

The Interior Design and Sustainable Design departments have teamed up to create an accelerated option for obtaining the two degrees in just five years, in lieu of the standard six years.  This is a natural partnership between two allied disciplines in the College of Architecture and the Built Environment and an exciting opportunity to build a valuable and unique educational resume and obtain an advanced degree.

With guided course selection at the undergraduate level, students can obtain advanced standing in the graduate program, which allows them to complete the M.S. in Sustainable Design degree in just one year allowing students to save on tuition.

Our award-winning undergraduate Interior Design Program has been teaching the principals of sustainable design for over 15 years and our graduate Sustainable Design Program was one of the first of its kind in the U.S.  Students who complete these two programs are uniquely qualified to serve as leaders in the design industry and the rapidly evolving global economy, which needs designers with expertise in the design of sustainable interior environments.

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1+1 M.S. in Sustainable Design and  M.S. in Construction Management

This is a unique full-time, accelerated option for students with a passion for both sustainable design and construction practices. Rather than completing both graduate curricula separately and obtaining the degrees independently, this option allows students to better capitalize on the synergies between the two disciplines and increase their competitive edge while reducing tuition cost and time.

This 1+1 degree option provides a means for students to fully explore both disciplines in as little as two years resulting in the award of both degrees. The total number of credits required to earn both degrees is reduced from 70 to 63.

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