Laser Labs

The College of Architecture and the Built Environment has two Universal Laser X-660 laser cutters with 60w lasers. Both laser are located in room 130 of the SEED building. Each laser cutter is run by trained operators, and the Laser Lab room is open only when an operator is present. Only operators are allowed to run the laser cutters.



The current charge is $0.20 per minute of run time. Once a job is completed the cost will be calculated and charged to the student’s campus card. Students must supply their own materials. See the list of laser suitable materials.



The laser cutters are a resource for the College of Architecture and the Built Environment . Use of the Laser Lab is available to those enrolled in a Design 6/7/8/9/10 class, and other select classes will have the approval to use the machine as well. This machine operates on a scheduling basis (see below).


Students may schedule time on both machines. They can sign up for two half hour slots each week (Sunday to Saturday). Students can only sign up for the current week. To make an appointment please e-mail, or stop by the laser lab. Refer to the online calendar to see available time slots and refer to Online Scheduling to see more details. During unscheduled time the lab will operate on a first come first serve basis, we will try to accommodate everyone's needs to the best of our ability.

Online Calendar (white space represents available slots)



Online Scheduling

What to Show up With

Students must show up to their scheduled time with their file on a USB memory stick or a CD, their material (cut to 32”x18” or smaller), their student ID, and funds in their discretionary account.

File Specifications

Only files created in Adobe Illustrator and AutoCAD will be run on the laser cutter. Use different layers within the programs to separate items that need to be cut, scored, and engraved.

Cut - laser completely penetrates material
Score - laser makes shallow cut
Engrave – laser etches the material away

For more specifics please refer to the following documents:

AutoCAD must be set up using the AutoCAD Template. To download the template please follow the link below, save the archive and extract it. Please refer to Using the AutoCAD Template as well.


If you have questions about use of the laser cutter please drop by the Laser Lab room to speak with an operator, call 215-95-0409, or e-mail Stephen Smeltzer.