Student Work

Landscape Architecture

Joseph Young, Ellen Wright, Nicole Boris, Nhan Lieu

RAH Community Design EcoDistrict
The community of Allegheny West is filled with people that have vibrant personalities, great sense of community, and a want for change. However, the site itself is not reflecting the personalities of the people. A number of boundaries exclude the site physically from the rest of the city stemming from how the neighborhood developed over time. We would like to provide the neighborhood with something that reflects their personalities and sense of community. Identity through history, bring back naturalistic qualities once found on site, benefit community through sustainable planting, generate new net zero. Bring back history (rejuvenate site to pre-industry qualities) with modern twist. Industry neglects community when really community needs to take a stand through identity against industry. Industry does not belong any longer; left the community with holes, community needs to reclaim territory. Nature always triumphs, whether it be abandoned or used. Identity comes from what was once there (history, agriculture) by enhancing naturalistic features and creating a strong community gathering area, we can expel all things that are not profitable for the neighborhood and replace them with pro-community elements.