Study Abroad Opportunities

Students in the College of Architecture and the Built Environment have many opportunities to study abroad in locations from Johannesburg, South Africa to Rome, Italy. These unique opportunities range from full-semester experiences to project-specific short courses.

Natasha A. Trice

Student Experience: Natasha A. Trice ’14, Rome in Spring 2013

Where did you study abroad?
I studied abroad during the spring semester with UARC (University of Arkansas Rome Center) in Rome, Italy.

What was the best thing about studying abroad?
The best thing about study abroad was experiencing architecture you learn about in school, from precedent study and architecture history courses. I realized everything that I had previously thought about these architectural works were just a preview of their complexity; every building was infinitely more spectacular than what is shown in school.

How did this enrich to your PhilaU experience?
The exposure of different building types and the influence of their context enriched my PhilaU experiences tremendously.As a young designer, you learn quickly through travels that context and culture are extremely significant, essential, and evident in profound architecture.

What's next for you?
After graduating PhilaU, I plan on attending graduate school for Urban Design. I will use my knowledge to do humanitarian design projects all over the world, while experiencing other cultures, their context and their architectural masterpieces.

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