About the Program

A unique balance of psychology and science will give you a distinctive edge and prepare you for a wide variety of graduate school programs. 

In this program, you will study psychology alongside biology, chemistry, anatomy and physiology, making this an ideal first step into further studies in a variety of experimental psychology settings, neuroscience, health fields, and scientific research.



  • Extensive exposure to  science and psychology
  • Close faculty guidance and mentorship
  • Three concentration options
  • Professional research training
  • Affiliations with Thomas Jefferson University and the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Real-world internship experiences
  • Study abroad opportunities
  • Top graduate school placement in variety of medical fields, sciences, or psychology.

You will work closely with faculty to develop an avenue of career possibilities.  First, you select a concentration option – pre-medical, animal behavior, or graduate school – allowing you to adapt your curriculum to your career goals and interests. 

You will also learn to conduct professional-level research, completing an independent research project your senior year.  During your time in the program, you can further enrich your education with internships in research, legal and educational settings; or study abroad anywhere in the world.