The accounting track at PhilaU prepares students to become professionals with a broad understanding of public accounting and financial management of corporate and nonprofit organizations. You will have the opportunity to network with accounting industry professionals from day one, participate in industry-sponsored projects, complete an exciting semester abroad, or help to run our Student Managed Investment Fund. You can also earn your iMBA degree in one additional year of study while preparing for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or Chartered Financial Analyst Level 1 (CFA) exam.


Accountants serve a variety of roles in every company. Our graduates have gone to work at the Federal Reserve Bank, Ernst & Young and KPMG, just to name a few. Consider where you could be in only four short years:

  • Working as a certified public accountant in an accounting firm
  • Preparing taxes and audits for the IRS
  • Playing a vital role in financial management at a company like Verizon

Accounting Specializations



Financial Accounting & Reporting

  • Intermediate Accounting I (3)
  • Intermediate Accounting II (3)
  • Accounting Theory & Practice (3)

Tax, Auditing & Managerial Accounting

  • Federal Taxes I (3)
  • Cost Accounting (3)
  • Auditing (3)

Advanced Financial Accounting & Reporting

  • Advanced Accounting (3)
  • Accounting Systems (3)
  • Individual Taxation (3) or
    Corporate Taxation (3) or
    Estate and Gift Taxation (3) or
    Managerial Economics (3) or
    Internship (3)

Alumni Testimonials


Danni Johnson (Accounting/Finance, 2009) 
Current: Retail Business System Analyst, Lilly Pulitzer 

“I originally went to PhilaU as an undeclared business major with the intention of spending some time in general business courses to find out what interested me the most. By the end of the first semester, I discovered that Accounting corresponded with my strong background in math, and I enjoyed the logical thought process involved to complete tasks. At the end of my sophomore year, with my adviser’s recommendation, I decided to get a double major in Accounting and Finance. After graduation, having this double major proved very valuable when speaking to potential employers and showing my versatility within the workforce.

“To get some early experience practicing accounting, my adviser helped set up a part-time position with a local insurance broker. In this role, I gained an understanding of different areas that all businesses have, including accounts payable and accounts receivable. My first full internship came the summer after junior year with Lilly Pulitzer. On the Career website through PhilaU, I found the opening and applied. Lilly Pulitzer was impressed with my background and academics as well as my personality. My time at Lilly Pulitzer showed me that there are many more options within accounting than just doing taxes and auditing that gave a very impressive work-to-life balance. At the end of the internship I had a full-time job offer, but I still was interested in seeing what else was out there. Knowing I could look outside of the accounting firm route, I interviewed with companies that would provide the same balance Lilly did, but in the end, I knew I wanted to work for Lilly Pulitzer.

“I have now worked at Lilly Pulitzer for almost 4 years full-time, mostly in accounting. I moved through the ranks of a Staff Accountant to Staff Accountant – Retail to Senior Accountant – Retail. My experience within the accounting department led me to learn an incredible amount about all retail operations and the systems that are used to operate the business on the corporate end as well as the consumer end. This area of the business is incredibly appealing to me, especially as the company continues to grow. In early 2013, I accepted a position at Lilly as a Retail Business Systems Analyst within their IT department. In this role, I will help plan, implement and maintain new systems that a range of departments use, and I will also become the link between the IT department and the functional users of the systems.

“Throughout my time at Lilly Pulitzer, I have received multiple offers from other companies that are impressed with my work experience as well as my education background, all of which was instilled while I was at PhilaU. I am still in contact with my adviser and other professors who were there for guidance while I was a student as well as during my career.”

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