Customized Track

If you wish to customize your own track, you can select any three specializations from across the traditional disciplines or work one-on-one with an advisor to create a program uniquely your own. With 15 specializations, there are a vast array of potential combinations to match your specific interests and career goals. Students who wish to create a totally customized specialization work describe their desired career trajectories linked to specialization learning outcomes on the specialization declaration form.

For example, to develop your entrepreneurial skills you might pick the following specializations:

Entrepreneurship + Digital Media Marketing + Financial Accounting & Reporting

Or, if you want to focus on global sustainability and the green movement, you might select these specializations:

Sustainability in Organizations + Global Business Studies + Finance Core

If you decide to customize your curriculum, you have the additional option of taking the Economics specialization:



Managerial Economics

  • International Economics (3)
  • Economics of Sustainability (3)
  • Capital Markets and Financial Institutions (3)

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