The finance track at PhilaU prepares students to become professionals with a comprehensive understanding of global financial markets and financial institutions. Our graduates are prepared with skills to tackle complex financial problems, and have the professionalism to work effectively in any environment. As a student in the program, you will have the opportunity to network with industry professionals, participate in international competitions, manage an investment portfolio through our Student Managed Investment Fund, study abroad for a semester, and earn your iMBA degree in one additional year while preparing for the Chartered Financial Analyst Level I (CFA) exam.


Finance professionals are a vital part of businesses’ success in every industry. Our graduates have gone on to work at JP Morgan Chase, Lockheed Martin and Vanguard, just to name a few. Consider where you could be in only four short years:

  • Brokering small and large real estate deals
  • Managing stock portfolios in the fast-paced environment of Wall Street
  • Working for a corporation, guiding critical financial decisions

Finance Specializations



Finance Core

  • Capital Markets & Financial Institutions (3)
  • Intermediate Financial Management (3)
  • International Finance & Development (3)

Portfolio Management & Financial Planning

  • Personal Financial Planning & Risk Management (3)
  • Investment & Portfolio Management (3)
  • Financial Modeling (3)

CFA Preparation

  • Intermediate Accounting I (3)
  • Intermediate Accounting II (3)
  • Speculative Markets (3) or
    Fixed Income Securities (3) or
    Managerial Economics (3)

Alumni Testimonials

Photo by: Rocco Avallone '08

Timothy Carroll (Finance, 2010)
Current: Law Clerk & Law Student (expected graduation 2014)

“The comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach of Philadelphia’s finance program, with its emphasis on building a global perspective, prepared me well for work as a Peace Corps volunteer involved in small enterprise development, and now as a law clerk supporting a litigation outfit representing national and international insurance clients. 

“The carefully balanced curriculum of finance and accounting, economics, marketing, and statistics is excellent preparation for any type of work. The advantages of knowing how to read a balance sheet, for example, or understanding how small- and large-scale forces act upon markets, are far-reaching. Some of the most pressing issues of our generation are financial in nature. The financial constraints facing both public and private institutions force them to innovate and to do more with less–or to be left behind.

“The same is true for the legal services field. Today, clients demand the same level of analytical work product but at more competitive rates. For instance, is it more cost-effective for the client to seek an alternative measure like arbitration to resolve a dispute, or to fully litigate the issues to trial? Philadelphia's finance program has provided me with the capacity to find practical and efficient solutions to complex problems and to respond to clients in a more flexible way given the challenges in the current economy.”


Jessica Romano (Finance, 2010)
Current: Supervisor-Investor Services, SEI 

“The reason I chose to study finance was twofold. First and foremost, finance is a vital part of the success of a business no matter what industry. I knew that studying finance would give me a lot of options in my career. Secondly, studying finance gave me the confidence to be able to handle my personal finances and create the life I want for myself. One of the courses I took as part of the finance program included simulating investing in the stock market and tracking the performance of stocks. This taught me the various theories behind investment strategies. I also took a course that walked me through evaluating personal financial decisions such as purchasing a house versus renting, buying a car versus leasing, and planning for retirement. These classroom experiences were invaluable. Only three years out of school, I have already encountered numerous personal financial decisions that I feel prepared to make because I learned about them during my time at PhilaU. 

“I was involved in a number of extracurricular activities at PhilaU, most notably as a member of the women's basketball team. Participating as an athlete at PhilaU taught me valuable lessons about perseverance, teamwork, leadership, and other life lessons that I use everyday in the real world. Playing a sport fostered a positive attitude and a competitive spirit, which are useful in my career as well. 

“I worked two internships during my time at PhilaU and found them both to be helpful for different reasons. My first internship was in the financial services industry, and there were a number of aspects about it that I enjoyed. I kept those characteristics in mind and looked for a full-time job after graduation that encompassed them. My second internship was geared heavily towards sales, and although I learned a lot in this internship, I realized a career in sales does not fit my personality well. This was also beneficial in my job search since I was able to eliminate any positions involving sales. I would highly recommend internships during college, as it both builds your resume and helps you understand what you are looking for in a job–and what you are not.

“I currently work in the financial services industry, supervising a team of analysts who work with investment managers of hedge and private equity funds that aid in servicing end investors. This job encompasses the same things that I enjoyed in my first internship and I use the leadership skills I learned while playing basketball to interact with my analysts. As I look to the future, I want to continue to learn and grow and assume greater responsibilities and leadership roles.”


Andrew Wallover (Finance, 2004)
Current: Managing Director, Northwestern Mutual

“I chose to focus my studies in the finance field because my father said, half joking, ‘Do not be an architect.’ Helping people has always been a key driver and passion in my life; whether it is helping a neighbor with a project, coaching youth athletics, or as I am doing now, coaching people to their definition of financial security. Studying finance at Philadelphia University gave me a large enough sample of information to be able to graduate with the knowledge and the confidence to know that I wanted a career in the financial services industry. The professors gave interactive lectures that allowed me to ask questions and be engaged in the learning process.

 “Balancing athletics and studies at Philadelphia University proved to be one of the key learning experiences I took away from my collegiate years. The demands of soccer, golf, and academics provided with several key takeaways:

“The first takeaway was time management. I needed to be efficient with my studies and my training, not to mention travel for games and tournaments. I kept a detailed planner and it listed all of my activities as well as important deadlines, and to this day, I use this type of daily planning in my profession.

“The second key learning experience, which came especially from my athletics, was teamwork. When you have to blend 22 personalities together, not everyone is going to get along. However, we all had to work together toward a common goal. The work on a daily basis, both individually and as a team, helped me understand what is needed to build, coach, and inspire an organization to achieve their corporate vision.

“Lastly, my academics and athletics created a large network of contacts. Not only did I have relationships with my professors and classmates, but also with fellow athletes. When I started my business, I called or wrote to every person with whom I had an interaction. Some were open to the idea of me helping them, and some were not. Having connections, knowing people and being ‘plugged in’ are helpful in any scenario of business.

 “My future career plan which I am most focused on is to continue to grow as a leader….In addition, I plan to continue developing as a financial professional. I am currently enrolled at the American College of Financial Professionals in Bryn Mawr, PA, where I am in the process of obtaining my Charter Life Underwriter (CLU) and Chartered Financial Consultant Designations (ChFC). Northwestern Mutual has proven to be a great place for me to grow and foster as an individual and as a business owner. I will continue to build my financial services practice by providing their unique value proposition. In my role as Managing Director, it is my intention to leave a legacy that that impacts the lives and the community we serve for generations to come.”

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